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The Builders Arms is in Wolverhampton, just off the main ring road in the city, it’s about 5/7 minute drive from Wolverhampton Wanders home ground Molineux, and 15 minute walk from the City itself.

Appearance & Entry:

The outside is very clean and old pub looking; love the traditional pub feel, a car park is at the rear of the building and also available around the pub, so no issues here.

Walking In & Bar:

The pub is true to its exterior, it feels like a pub, it’s very busy, voices are loud and the atmosphere feels friendly and welcoming. A new room has been added to the rear of the building, this caters for large parties, so if you are coming to a party, do not use the main entrance. We order our drinks and the price is in keeping with most places we have been. The place is busy but we manage to get a seat, we notice when ordering our food that the kitchen is open for us to view, which is always a good sign.

It Begins:

We know it’s busy, we are told the food will be 30mins max, 40mins later we get our food, The Builders Arms is not alone in this, when informing customers who ask about the wait, just be honest, it won’t sway many who have come to the venue to eat.


The sizzler arrives in 40 minutes, with all the curry dishes at the same time; let’s hope these do not go cold. The sizzler is sizzling, smoking and large, it’s ticking boxes, the onions on inspection are found, highlighting the lack of them, or am I just an onion fiend.

Chicken Tikka: These are well marinated, the flavouring is really good and the quality of the meat seems good, the spice is just right too.

 Lamb Shish Kebab:  Small chunks that are tasty, not as spicy as we would have liked, but well cooked and tasty, breaks easy yet does not crumble apart, really well cooked.

Wings:  Plenty of these again, great flavouring, good quality of meat, these are spiced just right and that makes them more appealing.

Lamb Chops: We replaced the fish on the grill with extra chops which they accommodated for a little fee, and you know what I’m glad we did, these are large, cooked right and full of flavour, these bad boys are hitting the mark.

Now to check out the Curries:

These are still hot, which is a good sign as they arrived with our grill.

Chicken Tikka Masala: Still hot, we tuck in, plenty of meat chunks in with the sauce, just nothing special, the dish has not got stand out features, it’s plentiful but lacks magic, and the spice is an issue, not enough.

Lamb Curry: Hot, and full of meat, same as the dish above it just lacks a bit of magic, its cooked well but missing that something to make it special.


We had lots of requests from people in and around the Black Country to check this place out, and you know what I’m glad we did, the atmosphere is good, it’s welcoming and the Sizzler was pretty damn good.

Drinks both in selection and taste were very good, the place is clean and hygiene is kept on top off, it’s a busy place, and tables are waited on regular.

Huge downside is the wait, 40mins is a long time to wait, and speaking to those around us, it’s nothing new, as the place is very busy, so if you are going, set aside plenty of time,

Curry dishes, they lacked any magic, they were standard, not sure if the same team that prep the sizzler prep these, but a big difference, it’s a shame as they remained hot and the meat on offer was plentiful.

If you are going out for a sizzler then this is not a bad shout, the mixed grill is very good, so if that is what you are after than this place should be added to your tick list.

For the above reasons we score The Builders Arms a 7.5/10.


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