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The Copper Fox is situated in the Harbourne area of Birmingham, 20 mins away from the Hawthorns, 25mins from Villa Park and St Andrews, and if you are out for some chocolate at Cadburys world, you are a short 10 mins away.


The Copper Fox, the first impression is wow, it’s a massive building, a real throw back to the original M and B type of buildings, tall, and powerful looking, but with some great new features, the signage is modern and authentic and the colour scheme makes this place stand out.

Parking is not an issue, a large car park is at the rear of the Copper Fox and it is well lit and very well maintained, the car park is spot less, other than the various cars parked there.

Bar and Drinks

On walking in, we feel warm straight away, the place is heated well, and on this a cold night, it’s appreciated. The great signage we mentioned earlier outside also is in the lobby of the building, welcoming you to the Copper Fox, the pub re-opened in October last year, everything feels new, and welcoming.

As we walk into the bar, the pub feels like walking into a Punch Tavern building, the layout. the wood affect all very much in keeping with how Punch do pubs, nothing wrong with it, the booths do break up the room well and offer something different to the look of the pub.

I love the bar set up, very classy, this place has not been  dressed on the cheap, and it shows, a good selection of real ales and the spirits are plentiful, there is a sense of a real family atmosphere and the though busy the it is not overly loud, which is pleasing. Pet hate, move the chairs from the bar, makes it awkward to get served when some have a sense of belonging.

It Begins:

We take up a booth, and wait for our food; this really has a family feel to it, no real large of groups of lads, if going with the family this certainly is ticking boxes.

We order our food and we are told it will be approximately 30 minutes, which we don’t mind; the food arrived in less than 25 minutes, impressive.

We ordered a large sizzler and though not the biggest we have seen (The Red Cow will not be beaten on that) it is a good size for 2/3 people sharing. It sizzles, it’s steaming and the onions are not swimming in grease, which signifies that it is time to eat.

The Chicken Tikka is cooked well, no magic just cooked well, the spice was decent and marinated well, but nothing amazing, the mughlai tikka is the same.

Update – Well it is no longer just bland, both chickens hit the spot , they have a real snap of flavour in each bite, loved these!

Sheesh Kebab and Lamp Chops, these were impressive, many places discard the sheesh and just provide them, because everyone else does, but when done right like these then they can be an highlight, the lamb chops are made from quality meat, very little if any fat, and very impressive, both these two Lamb offerings are hitting the right notes.

The Chicken wings, these are not as messy as I would like, but that’s only because I love yellow nails lol, no seriously these are as good as the Sheesh, spiced right, flavoured right and good portions of meat on them.

The fish was the downside, they were oily, and it was obvious from just looking at them, we tried them, and we decided to leave these.

Update – These though still not the most amazing, were an improvement from last time, we did not leave these, not a hint of grease today!

Now the Curries:

The Chicken curry was very similar to the chicken provided on the sizzler, it was good but not amazing, the sauce was creamy and there was a large amount of meat thrown in, a solid dish.

Update – Last time it was only the lamb curry that hit the spot, but today! they both were as solid as each other, great to see continuous improvement.

The lamb curry carried on from the lamb on the sizzler left off, yes, this hits the spot, the flavours, the amount of meat, it all works, the spice is good, and the lamb melts in your mouth, very well cooked.


Update – This place gets better each time we come, the customer service was bang on point, the smiles on the faces of the other diners,and the fact it is a family/couples venue just ensures it tick all the boxes. 
The food is fantastic, we are served on time, and we just love the fact that they make a real effort to make you feel welcome at every turn. The sizzler is bang on, and this is a venue you can not afford to miss.

From the outside to the interior you can tell this place is newly opened, having said that, it was October, and 5 months down the line this place is still gleaming, the hygiene in the venue is spot on, the bathrooms are gleaming and the dishes are collected regularly.

The lines of beer feel as clean as the pub as the quality of the draught is on point, crisp sharp lager, good pint.

The sizzler was good with the downside being the fish; this hopefully was a one off as the rest of the sizzler was of a very high standard. The lamb on the sizzler to the lamb in the curry was the highlight of the whole trip, good quality of meat used. Cooked and treated extremely well.

This is a family venue, judging by this visit if you are out with the family then this might be a venue you may wish to try, lads wise, this is very different to the authentic desi pubs, but worth trying as it seems to have all the sport on.



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