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The Duke of Wellington is in Feltham, so you are as good as in Heathrow Airport. So if you like this review, and are going to Heathrow, pop in, it is easy enough to get to. If you do not like the review, then go straight to the airport and check our guide for other Desi pubs nearby for when you get back lol.

Appearance & Entry:
First and foremost, we have parking, we park at the side of the Duke, and have leisurely 30 second stroll into the pub, and the good thing is, if you are either coming or going to Heathrow, you can at least relax knowing that your car is safe, because you can see it.
The Duke Of Wellington Feltham, is different looking, if you are from the Midlands I’d best explain it as an old school Banks’s estate pub, if you are from anywhere else in the UK, it is a typical old school neighbourhood pub building.
We prefer the look of old school pubs, so we are pleased with the way this looks, the windows are clean, the car park is maintained well and we feel a little bit of excitement as we walk in, as this place has ticked fair few boxes already.
Upon walking in, we see that the Duke is a lot more spacious than it looks from the outside, it has welcoming feel, the conversations are loud, but not overly, we are impressed, we are actually in a pub and not a pub dressing itself up as something else.
We have booths to eat; we have pool tables and dart boards, thank the lord, finally a pub being a pub.

Drinks and Food Ordering:
We make our way to the bar, and I notice that a couple of the regulars are drinking Guinness, so I do not hesitate in ordering myself one, wise move, the Guinness Extra cold was impressive, as is the selection of spirits on offer, someone likes a whiskey.
Food and Ordering
We order our drinks, and we ask the barman how do we order our food, he is very helpful and talks us through what we need to do. He then decides (seen as there is no one waiting to be served) he would take our food order and show us where to sit; he has already clicked onto our West Midlands accents, oh the banter! But seriously, we were impressed at the manner in which he spoke and dealt with us. We have a good start here, where is this going, top of the league in London maybe, or even the England?
We are informed our food will be 35 minutes; this took us by surprise as it is not what you would have called packed. Yet 35 minutes seems a long wait. The food did arrive in 30 mins, damn, we really are onto a winner here it seems.

The Sizzler
Ok the portion size, you know what we can’t really moan about that either, it is the same as many other venues we have been to, and the onions are fresh and not greasy, these smell and taste just how they look, very nice, the breath is suffering but the taste buds are sizzling.

The wings, we have some with skin and some without, as stated in the menu, impressive! The amount of meat on the wings is not amazing, but let’s see how they taste, the wings with skin on, are good, they are spiced well, with a great hint of seasoning, liked these. The skinless wings, well these are not as good the others, not poor, but not something I would suggest. Next time I’m asking for extra wings with skin.

The Chicken tikka, this feels a bit overdone, the flavours are present, but without a real spark, good but nothing stood out. Would like these to be spicier.

The shish Kebab, this like the chicken tikka, is good but slightly overdone, though it is spiced better.

The lamb chops look healthy, plenty of meat, and no visible signs of it being overdone, the meat breaks off easy and the flavours are very impressive, enjoyed these, the lack of spice may put some off, but to be honest, I still enjoyed these, as did the rest of the squad.

Keema: Had to be, I’m into my mince, so thought I’d give this a go rather than the Lamb Curry, the keema was a good dish, not swimming in oil. It taste a little dry, but the dish overall was ok, but lacked that little something to push me into a taste bud frenzy.

The Chicken Curry, the portion sizes of both curries were impressive, the sauce in this dish and the meat, well it was cooked well, but the spices were lacking. Yes, I’d say it was a good dish, but I’m not left wanting more, if you get what I mean.

You know what, we really enjoyed our trip to the Duke of Wellington, Feltham, we loved that it had car parking, the staff were friendly, and really made us feel at home. The Duke of Wellington is a pub embracing being just that, a pub, the atmosphere was a good one, people were playing pool, the TV was on and it just felt good.
The place was clean, and as soon as we had eaten our dishes were collected, we could not fault that. The draught drinks were good and a nice selection of spirits too, so this place has restored our faith in Desi Pubs down south.
The food, the mixed grill, and the portion sizes were something other Desi pubs down south may wish to look at. Overall everything was pretty solid, the wings, next time I will stick to the ones with skin on, and we will ask for more spice all round. Nothing really stood as overly impressive or underwhelming, it was just a solid mixed grill.
The Curries, these were not as on point as our grill, like we said they had some good things going for them but just needed something to set them alive.

In conclusion, we enjoyed this trip, the food was good, customer service good and we had parking, this place is 100% getting a second visit, and we do recommend you try it out, the place is family friendly and makes you feel at home.

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