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Location: The Farcroft is located in Handsworth, it is a mere 10 minute drive from The Hawthorns, and 12-13 minutes from the M5 junction 1, if coming from the M6 junction 6 it is about 20 minutes drive from the motorway via the expressway.

Appearance: The Farcroft has been around for years and years, and from the outside it has not changed that much at all, a car park is available and the building is still large and as daunting as ever.

Please note: Entrance for food is via the back of the building, do not think you are not being allowed in.

Once we walk inside the place is very different to what we remember, it is very clean, TV’s on the wall and the place just looks better than we remember, The one thing that we did notice straight away, was unlike many other desi pubs the smell of food was not as evident, meaning we did not need to change our clothes if we were off on the pull later.

Drinks: The Farcroft does not disappoint on the drinks side, a good pint of beer, and a great selection of spirits. The farcroft is very much a lads venue, and the atmosphere reflects that, we have the match on it is a bit lively, but hey ho we are in the ends.

Food Ordering: We order our grill and we are told that food will be 25-35 minutes, and just on 35 minutes our food is served to us.

The Sizzler: We went large and trust me this could feed four of us easily!

Chicken tikka, slightly dry, but that is how we like it, it has the nearly burnt feel, so if you like less crispy be wary, flavour wise, just lacked that magic, good effort though.
Chicken Wings, Spice is king, god damn spice is king, these bad boys are hot, and we like chilli, but this is a bit much, the taste of the wings is negated by the heat, the meat breaks off easily, pity we couldn’t enjoy the flavour fully.
Fish Pakora: Crispy, fresh and not a hint of oil, these do help kill the spicy wing experience, impressive.
Sheesh Kebab: Well cooked, good flavouring and juicy, as soon as we take a bite we can taste the flavour, best thing on the grill so far.
Lamb Chops: These are impressive, no fat, not burnt, and well cooked, lovely flavours, subtle hint of chilli, these are good, and note we have 4 of them!

For the weak with us, we sampled the Chicken tikka masala, and Keema dishes.

The Keema was quite impressive, well cooked, and full of flavour, enjoyed this, it was not amazing in anyway, just a solid dish, can’t ask for more.

The chicken tikka masala, again like the dish above it was good but nothing stand out, it was very creamy, and that did take away from the flavours somewhat.

The Farcroft is a solid old skool lads boozer and it is good to see it still busy; Lot’s of desi pubs are going for a family feel at the expense of its regulars and though the Farcroft is different to what it was. it has not forgot its regulars.
If you are on a lads night out in Handsworth, then this place is a good stop off, The atmosphere was lively as the place got busy, but at no point was we ever made to feel uncomfortable, In-fact at one point we were being mocked by regulars as we struggled with the wings.
Food wise the grill and the curries were solid, nothing amazing, and on the other hand did not disappoint, we ate all our food, and the portions are impressive.
For us it was a welcome return to the Farcroft and we will be back, so if you are with the lads and are starting a night in Birmingham, this may not be a bad option, and you won’t smell either when you get to town.

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