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The Fiery Grill and Curry is located in Bilston which is more Walsall than Wolverhampton in my eyes, it is a mere 10-15 mins away from the M6 junction 9. The nearest football stadium is Walsall FC and the Molineux, home of the newly promoted Wolverhampton Wanderers FC is approx 20 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:
The Fiery Grill and Curry used to be called The Fiery Holes, and we visited here a couple of years ago with some friends whilst out in Bilston, and trust me, I at that point never thought I’d be going back. The experience then, was not a pleasant one with some of the locals; let’s leave that for another day though shall we.

Ok, from the outside the Fiery Grill and Curry has not changed overly, a good car park at the side of the pub, and everything that used to make this a Banks pub is still visible, and that is not a bad thing, very old school looking, but maintained well.

DAMN!!! On walking in, this place has changed, new floors, new carpets and new seating, the bar has been stripped and started again, and the place looks and feels like a new pub, compared to the one we went to before, booths and TV’ s are plentiful. Very impressed with the way this looks and feels now.

It is a desi pub, so no surprise at the amount of spirits on offer, no one is drinking the Guinness so we pass on that, and we head for the lager, this tastes decent and we are off for our food.

Food and Ordering:
We are told that we can order at the bar or we can take a seat and someone can take the order once we are seated as this is not overly busy at present. We order our food at the bar and take our seats in some of the new seating; we are informed the food will be 20-25 minutes.

The food arrives after close on 40 minutes, and after we had asked how much longer it will be!

We order the special large mixed grill, and it the size is impressive and it seems to be defying the laws or probability, as the stack of meat is not falling off, this is a good size and smells great, was the wait worth it.

We tuck in The Chicken Tikka and the Hirayai (green) chicken are the first items we go for, we have plenty of both , the tikka is cooked well, but is very dry, and I like my dry meats, but even this has tested me, did the wait contribute to this?

The green chicken, is not as dry as the tikka and the flavours used are impressive, it does not feel dry, and has a good kick of spice.

The shish kebab, what can I say, it feels dry again, I am pretty sure the wait has contributed to how dry the food has come out, pity as the flavours used on this seem to be very good.

The resham kebab, is dry, such a shame as it was spiced extremely well, just the issue with of it being dry, gutted as again the non dry parts taste really good.

The lamb chops, these were good, and we mean good, it has been a few reviews since we got well delivered chops, and these are very good, the meat falls, it breaks easily in the mouth not two chewy and hardly any fat on these bad boys.

The fish, you know what, this just felt like something that had to offered  as other pubs do, these just did not add any magic.

Butter Chicken: We was asked to try this by a few people who suggested we go and try the place out, and we are glad that we did try it.The sauce is great, the flavours are good and the ratio of meat to sauce is impressive, and the fact that it is nice and hot really has impressed us.

The lamb curry, again piping hot, fresh, the meat used seems to be of a high order,  this like the butter chicken really did impress, and the curries have stole the show over the grill.

The Fiery Grill and Curry, is making a decent effort to rid itself of the reputation it had previously, and the way in the place has been transformed inside the building is really impressive. We like how much effort has been made to make this place feel like a pub you wish to sit in for a period of time, rather than just looking to leave, after one drink.

The hygiene was good, plates collected efficiently, and tables wiped down, the drinks on offer though not the biggest selection we have seen, more than meet the needs of punters looking to experiment.

The wait for the food was too long, and the place did let itself down with how we were made to wait, hopefully since our visit that has been addressed.

The grill was decent, the size of it was impressive the lamb chops were great and really stood out, make sure you give these a try if you are passing. We do feel the grill was dry due to the wait, so if it had been given to us earlier, it would have been better as it had all the elements to be a great grill.

The butter chicken was impressive, really impressive; everything about it was good, the lamb dish also, the curries were the stars of the show here, full of flavour and cooked extremely well, these are worth a visit.

The Fiery Grill and Curry, if you feel like a good curry then this does beat some of the other places that are local to it, the grill was decent, and I think the trick is to ask for the curries separate to the grill, so you get the meat fresher on the grill and the curries can be prepared ready to finish you off. We have pencilled in a return, during the World Cup.

Check out how The Friery Grill and Curry has performed in the Leicester League table and the National League here:


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