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Launching Monday 4th June

The Four Ways Bar & Grill in Rowley Regis is not hard to find, it is a mere 6/7 mins away from M5 junction 2, and if you are at the football, then The Hawthorns is 15 minutes away, Villa Park is 25 mins away, and The Bescot Stadium home of the mighty Walsall FC is also a mere 25 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:
We did say this place was easy to find, and when you are driving up to it, you cannot miss it. It is the massive pub on the corner, love the old school building, and a great car park to boot, things have started well.

The Four Ways Bar and Grill, is an old school large public house, and unlike many pubs who wish to try and become something different, this has maintained the front of the building well, and not lost any of the character of the past.

As we walk in we notice the place is quite busy, yet getting seated is not an issue at all. This place is massive, no issues getting a seat here at all. The pub aims to be very family orientated, and it seems to be working. A great beer garden with great facilities for the kids is a bonus, and parents don’t worry, the beer garden has lots of seating areas to watch your kids.

Inside even though the pub has been refurbished, the character like the outside of the building is not lost, bravo guys.

It is a desi pub, and it offers everything we would expect, good selection of vodka’s and gins. The whiskey options are impressive and the Guinness extra cold is fantastic, might leave the car here tonight lol.

Food and Ordering:
We ask the bar man how do we order our food, and he asks us to bare with him as he is serving, but as soon as he is done, he is back over to us, for a chat and goes through the menu, thank you kind sir, he then points out a table for us to sit on and sends us on our way.

We are informed the food will be 25 minutes, the food arrives, just after 30 mins, not bad considering the place has a few in.

(Please Note the Lamb Chops were ordered separately, and was not part of the Sizzler)

This sizzler is impressive, the size is good, and it has a great hiss and the onions are wafting my way already.

Chicken Methi, I am glad that more pubs are doing this now, as I’d take this over the fish any day of the week, this looks great and tastes great too, really feeling this, the flavours are great and the quality of the meat, impressive.

The Chicken tikka, what can we say, this is as impressive as the methi chicken, great size chunks, full of flavour, some may say slightly dry, but we love the way this is prepared over the coals style, brilliant.

The hat trick of chicken is completed by chicken tikka on the bone, and this as impressive as the chicken previous, great flavour and just the right amount of spice.

The Chicken wings, these again the quality of the meat is impressive, cannot fault it in the slightest, the only issue being, is the lack of meat on them, they taste great just wish we had more.

The kebab, this ends a great sizzler dish, but it is possibly the weakest item on the grill, it is not bad but just lacks that something special to make it as good as what has gone before.

The lamp chops, these were a bit chewy, which was a down side as they had so much going for them, flavour was  good, spiced well, just overdone, hopefully a one off.

Chicken Tikka Masala: This looked the part, it was coloured great, the sauce was just right, and the amount of meat on offer was impressive, a good dish, not amazing, but good. The only issue really was the amount of cream added which meant it absorbed some of the flavours from the dish.

Lamb Curry: Very much like the Chicken curry, looked impressive tasted good, the quality of the lamb was good, just lacked that something special to make it a great dish, still a solid effort.

Our visit to the Four Ways Bar & Grill was impressive, from the way the building looked  from the outside, to the beer garden, this place ticked a lot of boxes. Very family orientated, so if it is a place for the family you are after then add this to the list.

The Four Ways Bar and Grill is clean, dishes collected promptly, and tables always wiped down as soon as customers leave the table. Very clean, the staff was great, always with a smile, and went that extra yard to help us with our ordering, even though busy.

The 3 Chickens on the sizzler were damn impressive, loved them and will not fault them, a well done. The quality of the meat was a key factor in this, the wings were also good, the kebab did not really hit the mark, but, hey everything else did.

The lamb chops, these were overdone, a shame really as everything was present flavour wise, and hopefully this was a one off, as others customers were all ordering them.

The curries were good dishes, just lacking that something special, but when you see the menu, this place has plenty of alternatives.

We really enjoyed this visit, and you really need to add this place to your list of grills to visit, especially if you aim to take the family and the kids, it aims to be a family orientated place and pulls it off well, extremely well.

Launching Monday 4th June

Check out how the Four Ways has performed in the Birmingham League table and the National League here:


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