Desi Pubs, The Haveli Bar & Grill, West Bromwich #DesiGrills (Ye Olde Wine Shoppe Inn)


The Haveli is situated on West Bromwich high st, approx 3 mins drive from the M5 junction 1, so not hard to get too at all. It is across the road from the iconic desi pub, The Prince of Wales and close to the old Angels venue (now you know where it is). The Hawthorns is a mere 5 minutes away.

From the outside The Haveli is not what you call enticing, it is clean and well maintained, but it is not somewhere you look at and think “love to go in there”. Parking is an issue, you are on the high st, we parked across the road, so remember that if you decide to pop through.

Once we get inside the venue, we are impressed by the size of it, large chairs and tables (which have become the hallmark of most desi pubs now) are everywhere. The Haveli is not packed, a few regulars are in and they seem to be seated in their preferred seating, not an issue as we have the pick of seats here.

Drinks and Food Ordering:
The bar is not short of draught options or spirits, plenty on offer here, and on match days these must go down a storm, we grab a lager and it tastes on point, a nice crisp feel to this. The head on the lager is impressive,  not sure if they have just done the lines or if it is always this good, either way, cracking pint.

We order our food, and we are instructed to sit down, the food will be a maximum of 30 mins. Mr Singh is walking about in the venue, he is the owner, he comes and say’s hello, and stops for a little chat about the venue. Great hosting by him, making us feel welcome, and bang in 25 minutes we have our food.

The portion sizes are impressive, the fresh smell of onions wafting in our direction has us hungry, and, damn it looks really impressive.

The chicken tikka, this feels so fresh, the quality of meat used is impressive, not rubbery or burnt, just done right, this is a great start.
Shish Kebab, not many places get this right, but these guys have, the flavours stand out as does the kick of chili, again the quality of meat also is noticeable.
The lamb chops, these are not the best we have had, by any stretch of the imagination, slightly over done and just lacking that something special.
The chicken wings, great flavours, just a lack of a spice kick, good, but not outstanding.
Fish pakora, these were well done, no grease and a good crunch to the batter, good way to end the grill.


Chicken curry, this is where the Haveli excels, the curry is damn impressive, full of flavour and the sauce is so fresh, the chicken is cooked well again. This is an awesome dish and it is something I’d recommend everyone try.
Lamb curry, these guys have nailed the curries, the lamb dish is just as impressive as the chicken curry, spiced well and the flavours are fantastic, really did hit the mark!

The Haveli is not somewhere that many people we know use, we were recommended it by a friend (who also told us to try the masala fries and garlic naan, both of which you have to try), we are glad we visited here, as the experience was a good one.

The owner, Mr Singh, made us feel at home, and the chilled out environment made us feel at ease, great bit of hospitality by the owner to come talk to us, instead of hanging out with his own boys.

The food, the grill had high and low points the quality of the meat used was a high point, even though not everything appealed it was cooked well and had a great freshness to it, nothing felt tired, well worth a visit in the week.

The curries, these were good, these were very good, again the quality of the meat was noticeable and the flavours really did stand out, the sauces on both dishes really worked for us, spiced right and full of flavour these curries are up there with some of the best we have had.

The Haveli, is a sporty pub, and attracts groups of lads, that is not an issue though as you are not made to feel awkward, so if it is a lads place you are after, well, you could do a lot worse than here, see you soon Mr Singh, we will be back.


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