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The Horseshoe is in the Hall Green part of Birmingham, famous for the Hall Green race track (10 mins away), it is a mere 10 minute drive from Birmingham airport, and 30 minutes from Birmingham City Center.

The HorseShoe is a big and imposing building, gone has the previous brickwork replaced by a lovely bright new front, The Horseshoe is very impressive from the outside and has plenty of car parking in and around the building, so all things are looking good.

Upon walking in, we are really impressed by the layout, the seating and everything just looks very professional and welcoming, the clientele are mixed and we see couples and families inside. On our journeys we have seen the term “Gastro” pub used by quite a few, this could easily use the same terminology as it looks a lot slicker than most who class themselves as that.

Bar and Food Ordering:
The bar, what can we say, everything we would ask for is here, and being fans of whiskey, wow are we catered for, good job we have a designated driver. The Guinness extra cold, well this is on point, very impressed, the prices for drinks are not over the top, very much in keeping with other places we have been to in and around Birmingham.

We take our seats and order our food, we ask for our curries seperate to the starter and are informed as they are busy the wait will be longer, and are “encouraged” to order everything together. We are told the food will be 25-30 mins which is impressive as they just did state they are busy. Our food arrives after 40 mins after us asking one of the staff how long.

We ordered the Special Large mixed grill and it is a very good size, it is sizzling and the onions which are over hanging are enticing us in, so why waste time!

Chicken Tikka, good size chunks cooked well, with a nice spice kick, these are a great way to start the grill and we are not short on these at all.

The methi chicken, well this is just as well cooked as the tikka chicken, full of flavour and really impressive, again we have a fair few of these to eat.

The prawns, these just did not impress, they just were very bland, and after the great start to the grill these kept us in check.

The sheek kebab, we had both chicken and lamb, and they were both impressive, we could not fault the lamb sheek as it was full of flavour, cooked well with a great hint of spice that we could not fault at all. The  chicken sheek is a good alternative for some who are not big lovers of lamb, not as good as the lamb sheek for us.

The Lamb chops, these are up there, these really are impressive, cooked well, hardly any fat and the meat just breaks off as soon as you dive in, the flavoring is impressive, these are good, very good!

The wings, we have lots of these, and again these impress the meat peels away, and breaks off easy, plenty of meat on the wings, lovely crisp shell too.

Chickent Tikka Masala: This looked impressive as soon as it arrived, a good size portion again, slighlty over creamy, but other than that it was impressive, good meat to sauce ratio and the chunks of chicken tikka were mightily impressive.

Lamb Curry: Impressive, the lamb overall on the grill and now in the curry has been cooked very well, and that is to be applauded. The lamb curry is cooked well, the sauce is fantastic, full of flavour and hits the mark.


The Horseshoe in Hall Green matched up to all the stories we had heard about the place, great clean and stylish venue, good crowd, and  this place really does have something special going here, we were mightly impressed.

The draught Guinness was impressive, it tasted fresh and crisp, a great selection on offer, some of the bar/food staff seemed more interested than others and the slow reactions really were the only downside as food wise we were more than satisfied, the wait for the food was a bit long so please remember that, when planning a visit.

Food, well done the Horseshoe the grill, bar the prawns, really was impressive it had so much going for it and it just worked, the lamb chops, well these beasts were awesome. The curries were cooked well, the flavour used on the lamb curry really was a winner, again we can not fault theses.

Overall, The Horseshoe is well worth a visit, and should not be missed as the food is really is worth making a journey for, make sure you put aside a good couple of hours though as the staff at times can very one paced, but add this to the list, of desi grills as we are 100% coming back.

Check out The Horseshoes national and Birmingham league position here 




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