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The Indian Chef @ The3 Kilns, is based in the Rushy Mead part of Leicester, so a good 20-25 minutes from the M69 junction. The King Power Stadium and Welford Rd are both approx 20 minutes drive away, on a good day, so is it worth a visit on match days?
Appearance & Entry:
The Indian Chef @ The 3 Kilns, has its own car park, it is well lit and feels secure, so parking is not an issue.

From the outside the 3 Kilns is nothing amazing, it is clean, the car park is well maintained, but let us make no bones about this it is an estate pub, both in design and location, that is not a bad thing, just means it needs to be damn impressive food wise for people to make the effort.

The 3 Kilns is quite roomy inside, plenty of seating, and the normal fair of dining tables and accessories that you need in a good old estate boozer. The crowd seems mixed, the core of the pub does seem to be regulars, and the conversation is quite loud.

Plenty of screens to watch the sport, and quite a few punters eating, so let’s join them shall we.

The Guinness is quite popular it seems, so that is my go to, and it tastes ok, not as cold as I’d like though, the lager is better. A good selection of shots and spirits, all the usual suspects are on display and what else can you ask for, seen as we are out of the city centre.

Food and Ordering:
We grab a seat and place wish to place our food order, getting the attention of the guy taking the order seems to be an issue as it seems he loves to indulge in conversation with everyone bar us non regulars. Eventually we grab his attention, by leaving our seats to talk to him and place our order; this is not a good start at all.

The food arrives just after 30mins, and the server’s attitude to us still seems offish, but at least we have our food!

The size of the sizzler is quite impressive, this place and The Broadway both have had the best size grills in Leicester to date, the onions are sizzling and the grill surely does look the part.

Chicken Tikka, good, full of flavour, no hint of it being like rubber, plenty of this to, so we are in our element here.

Chicken Wings, just like the tikka, this is impressive, good flavour and a great kick of spice, plenty of these to, the amount of meat on the wings is also impressive.

Kebab, this is very dry, and after the first two meats we tried this is a letdown, dry with little or no kick,

Hariyali Chicken, we are back on track, as this like the wings and tikka is cooked well, great flavours and a good spice kick, back on track it seems.

Masala Fish, the quality of fish is damn impressive, really is, the spice, the way in which it has been sent out, everything feels fresh and tasty about this.

Lamb chops, not over done, the meat breaks of well, and they are cooked well, just missing a touch of magic when it come to the flavouring, very little spice.

Now this is interesting, the 3 Kilns have won awards for their curries, so the bar has been set high here, will they rise to the expected standards?

Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry and Keema
All the curries mentioned were good, cooked well, and full of flavour and the quality of meat used in all three was impressive. The reason we have grouped these together was because they all had the same issue, lacked that kick of spice. Solid dishes, and great flavours, but really could have done with some spice to liven them up. Still we finished off all 3 dishes.

The Indian Chef @ The 3 Kilns is a venue you should try if passing that way. It is clean inside, and is a good pub, and even though it is mainly full of locals, that atmosphere is a pleasant one and not too clique.

The customer service from the gentleman who waited on our table was the worst thing about the visit, and it seems that we were not the only ones who have had this issue as a couple of regulars mentioned to us that he was always talking to people and never in a rush, until he is pushed by the manager, this needs to change, poor service could stop many from returning.

The Sizzler, this was really good, the kebabs let it down, and a lack of spice on the chops, but the chicken and the fish varieties were as good as any we have had in Leicester on our trips, the portion size was good, the flavours really worked, and the fish was fantastic, the grill is possibly the best in Leicester to date.

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The award winning curries left us wanting more spice, everything about the curries was good, flavours, portion size and cooked very well, the keema was impressive and not greasy at all. They all just lacked a kick of spice to make them amazing, all solid dishes though.

The Indian Chef @the 3 Kilns, is a good pub that offers a great mixed grill, the one issue we had was one member of staff and I’m sure that can be addressed, really enjoyed our visit here, and the grill, well, it has made pencil in a second visit.

Check out how the Indian @ The 3 Kilns has performed in the Leicester League table and the National League here:


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