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The Kazbar is just off the main ring road in Wolverhampton city centre towards Penn. It is located on an Industrial estate, so not the easiest of places to find, we did drive past it lol. The home of Wolverhampton Wanderers is a mere 5 minutes away.

Like we said, we drove past the Kazbar, it does not stand out and hit you, bare that in mind.

The Kazbar and grill is not the biggest place in the world, and upon walking in, you are faced with the bar straight away. No awkward looks, so everything seems fine and the locals in the venue make us feel at home.

The decor, this is impressive and triggers many a conversation about Bollywood and gangster flicks we have watched, loved the way in which this is done, and if you are a film buff then make sure you check this out.

Drinks & Food Ordering:
We have no shortage of spirits on offer, that is the sign of a solid boozer, we grab some lagers and take a seat, the draught is bang on, a real good clean fresh pint. We order our food at the bar and we are told the food will be with us in 20-30 mins. We are not the only ones eating and it does seem like the regulars are enjoying the grill on offer. The food arrives after 25 mins.

The extra large sizzler is the one we went for,  and the size is impressive, not the biggest in Wolves but a good size.

Chicken tikka, the standard start to any sizzler, these are cooked well and we have plenty of them, they taste fresh and the spice is bang on, good start.
Chicken wings, lacked meat on these, they tasted good, no doubt, but so little meat really did leave us disappointed.
Lamb Shish, these are spiced well, but in reality were just a bit bland, nothing stands out about these.
The lamb chops, solid effort on these, marinated well and full of flavour these do raise the standard of the grill.
Prawns and Fish pakora , the prawns did tickle our taste buds, nothing wrong with these, the fish pakora’s?Well just like the shish they just had no spark, good but lacked magic.

The chicken curry this was possibly the best thing we ate at the Kezbar, lovely sauce, really impressive, loads of meat, really was a winner.

Lamb curry, this was a solid dish, not blown away by it, but a solid effort. The sauce is impressive, the meat is cooked well, just failed to ignite the turbo mode in us, but a good effort.

The Kazbar and Grill, we visited here about a year ago and it really did impress us, the food was brilliant and beer was bang on. The beer still is on point, a cracking pint, and a great selection of spirits.

The Kazbar is a small venue, but offers lots, the decor is the winner and a great conversation piece, we did reminisce about movies and and the golden years of Bollywood.

The Kazbar is very much a laddish place, and the atmosphere is friendly, the food has changed over the year though, previously the grill blew us away, but not now. It had a couple of highlights but the rest was just OK, not sure if the chef has changed as it was different from before.

The chicken curry was the stand out from the whole visit, and made the trip, the staff are friendly the atmosphere is fun, and if it is a group lads who want to have a good session, then the Kazbar maybe the place. Food wise, we need to find out about what changed.

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