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The King Arthur (WS5 3EY) is in Walsall, it is  5 mins off the M6 junction 7, 7 mins drive to the Bescot Stadium the home of Walsall FC, Walsall Rugby Club is 4mins drive away, WBA is 15 mins drive away as are  Villa Park  (Via A38) and St Andrews back via M6 Junction.

Appearance & Entry:

The King Arthur has its own parking which is a good start, well lit and it gives off a sense of security. From the outside The King Arthur looks like a Banks’s  “estate pub” well maintained and clean, and it looks friendly enough.

Walking In & Bar:

The place is warm and welcoming, it’s a loud environment as we walk in Sky Sports is on the screens, and it has a few punters in, we notice that food and drinks are both ordered at the bar, this is easier than going to the kitchen normally, but trying to get past customers who seem to have set up station at the bar is an issue, finally we get through and order our drinks and food.

Prices are very similar to other Black Country pubs we have been in, the food we are informed will be with us soon, the menu is quite large for a pub, lets hope they are the masters of all.

The dining area is located within the bar area, so if you wish to eat away from the sport fueled atmosphere, be aware or just embrace it, as we did.

It Begins:

The sizzler is with us within 25 minutes and we are  informed our curries will be delivered to us in a few minutes as they do not wish for them to go cold.

The size of the sizzler, lol, its big and piled high, served on a sizzle styled pan, possibly the best looking sizzler we have seen #FoodPorn.


Chicken Tikka:  Lots of them, piled high, just have to be very careful on how we take them away, lol but they are marinated well, cooked well and a good quality of chicken has been used, impressive start.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  The spice on this is very very good; it’s cooked well, and is enjoyable.

Wings:  Tandoori wings are messy, and our nails will reflect this, the wings are tasty, the spice is just right these hit the mark.

Lamb Chops: The lamb chops were very much like the rest of the sizzler, tasty and full of flavour, and plentiful.

Fish: The fish topped off the grill, I’m not a huge fan of fish on my sizzler, yet one of the guys in the squad felt it deserved a go, these were greasy, maybe just a one off but not the best and we left these.

Now to check out the Curries:

We mentioned that the curries would be delivered to us in a few minutes, unfortunately there was a wait, the sizzler was done and only after our second request were the curries then delivered to us.

Chicken Curry:  Well cooked and plenty of chicken, just lacked that magic, that chicken in the grill had provided.

Lamb Curry: This was the same as the chicken dish, tasted well, cooked well just a bit bland! Not a bad dish, but think we got excited after the grill we ate.


The King Arthur from the outside is a typical pub, but from the inside its warm clean and appealing and ticks a lot of boxes.

The dining area and other parts of the bar are kept clean, the people at the bar made ordering the food and drinks an issue, we know it’s hard but keeping people away from standing at the bar is an issue for a lot of pubs not just the King Arthur.

The Sizzler was very good and really did hit the mark, (normally we do not have fish, but we gave it a try and it really did not hit the mark.) Other than that the grill was extremely well cooked and tasty, if you fancy watching the football and want just a sizzler and are local to Walsall, the Arthur might be the place.

The curries had no magic to them and did come off bland; they were not bad dishes but just lacked the little spark to ignite the taste buds.

Having to ask for them twice for our curries was an issue and the staff needs to be lot more on the ball rather than expecting customers to happily wait and get a drink.


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