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The Merrymaid Bar and Grill is located on Moseley Rd in Birmingham, so approx 15 mins from the m6 Junction 6. Birmingham City’s St Andrews is only 5 minutes away and Villa Park 12 mins. If you are in and around Birmingham City Center then you are a maximum of 5 mins away from the Merrymaid Bar and Grill.

Moseley Rd, it might not appeal to everyone, but if you do venture that way, you will not miss the Merrymaid Bar and Grill, big massive old skool building with cars outside. Love the old pub buildings, these were the hub of the local communities.

As we walk in, the bar has a few in, and the food room is busy too, good crowd.The Merrymaid is very clean and smart inside, it feels fresh, and the decor is impressive, very much in character with the building. In the bar everyone is watching TV’s and it is a nice lively atmosphere.

Drinks & Food Ordering:
The bar is well stocked, and the draught is impressive the prices are similar to most Birmingham pubs, the Guinness goes down very well, man is happy. All the usual suspects spirits wise are here.

We order our food and take a seat, now the amount of staff working is impressive, they are buzzing round and making sure dishes are collected quick and tables are clean, they are also quite helpful when discussing the menu and what we should try. We are told our food will be with us in 25 mins, and yet this place is busy. BOOM…. food is with us in 25 mins.

We went large and we are glad we did, this looks really impressive, the food is stacked high and the skillet is sizzling as the onions meet the burn.

Chicken Tikka, these were OK not amazing but OK, large chunks cooked well, the spice was there, just felt a little bland.
The wings, these were good, impressed with these, sticky messy, great spice kick and the flavours are all hitting my tongue and its having a party.
The Shish Kebab so often overlooked, but not this time, fresh, full of flavour, yeah baby, this has us talking.
The Fish Pakora, well these were cooked really well, slightly bland, but no grease, good quality of fish, and a good crunch to it, just lacked a bit on the flavour side.
Lamb Chops! Damn, these are the best thing so far, no fat, cooked well, meat falls off, the quality of meat is bang on, these are up there as the best we have had. We order some to take away.

The chicken curry, well this hit the bloody spot, great sauce, again tasted fresh and clean, the amount of meat on offer is perfect, really good dish.

Lamb curry, now the shish and the chops had us all excited for this dish, but alas maybe we built ourselves up to much, the dish is what I would call “Nice”, it is harmless, and goes down well but without anything stand out.

The Merrymaid Bar and Grill does so many things right, the atmosphere though laddish in the bar, is still very friendly, and the food area atmosphere is just as pleasant. Speed of service is brilliant, and if you are passing on the M6, you know this is one place that will serve you quick and with well prepared dishes.

The place is clean and has a real fresh feel to it, which is not something I was expecting, never judge a pub by the area I guess.

The sizzler had some real high points, the tikka and fish were not amazing, but the lamb kebab and chops, these were pretty damn impressive, the chops are up there with the best we have had, that is how good they were.

The curries, the lamb dish did not live up to expectation, but the chicken dish impressed. so a mixed response to the curries.

The Merrymaid Bar and Grill works for us, good atmosphere, good staff, good food and really impressive experience overall, this part of Birmingham has loads of curry houses, but for us, it’s the Merrymaid next time we are in the endz.

Check out how the Merrymaid Bar and Grill ranks in both the Birmingham League and National League.


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