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Location: The Morris Man is located in Stafford an approx 5 minute drive from Stafford Rangers FC, and only 5 minutes from Junction 14 of the M6, just follow signs for Stafford Hospital. Big plus point is the fact, it is before  you join the Toll Rd or Just after you exit, depending on your direction.

Appearance: Firstly, the car park is huge at the back, I’m sure it is in another postcode, I actually lost sight of the pub whilst parking the car. TBF though the Morris Man does have a smaller car park just as you enter the bigger one.

This feels like an estate pub, shops to the rear and surrounded by houses, but do not let that deceive you, it is very welcoming. We arrive in the food eating area and we were informed we would have to wait in the bar, which we had no issues with,as we were a party of 7. The bar area was populated with locals, a few children running around but hey this is the bar. After approx 25 mins we were called through to order our food. Call ahead if you wish to ensure a table ( 01785 247982 )

Drinks and Food Ordering: The Morris Man is a pub, and the draught we had was very good, a nice crisp pint and the Guinness was also impressive. The spirits selection is not the biggest in the world with all the usual suspects, but if you are after lots of variation, flavoured Gins and Vodka’s are about as exotic as it gets.

We ordered our food at the bar and we were informed that we would be waiting approx 30 mins, which was fair enough, like we said if you are passing and you wish to try this place out, call ahead, that way the 25 mins we spent waiting in the bar can be spent waiting on food.

The food arrives after approx 25 mins and it is sizzling like a good’un!

Sizzler: We ordered the 2 large mixed grills and the size is impressive as is the wafting smell of onions, these will taste nice later when the meat juice has soaked into them, love onions, hate the breath, lol.

Chicken Tikka, nice amount, well cooked and well flavoured, these are good without being amazing, but a good start.

Shish Kebab, juicy, lovely flavours and we have plenty of them. A good quality of meat used, these are very impressive

Chicken Wings, though flavoured well, we are missing a hint of spice, possibly the weakest item on the grill.

Lamb Chops, these are decent again, without being amazing, they are cooked well, not burnt, not tough an the flavour does come through, good effort lads.

Fish Pakora, the batter, crisp, fresh and full of flavour, these were gorgeous, the fish was fresh, the crunch was real, these really stood out.

Curries: Now even though we said the Morris Man was busy, the guy who took our orders really went into detail about how we wanted our curry, and you know what, when we got them, they were spot on, very bespoke to our tastes and we really could not have asked for more.

The Chicken and Lamb dishes we ordered were bang on, they really were bespoke to us, and made us feel kind of special, for this alone we have to give the Morris Man a lot of love.

Stafford is not the destination that comes to mind when thinking of a good place to go grab a desi grill, but for football fans travelling up and down the M6, this may just be something you wish to try, easy to get to and plenty of parking.

The Morris Man is clean and welcoming, food, wise the grill had plenty of meat on and the Nepalese chef’s who have come from Walsall really do know what they are doing, the fact the curries were made to our tastes was something that impressed.

If you are stuck on the M6 and longing for a grill before you catch the toll Rd, you could do a lot worse than the Morris Man.

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