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The New Cottage Bar and Grill is situated approx 10 mins from Junction 1 of the M5, and the Hawthorns, if you are just out and about and not at the football, then the M5 junction 2 is a mere 5 mins away. Car parking is not an issue, plenty in and around the building as well as at the side.

Appearance & Entry:
Well from the outside, this place does not really welcome you, it is one of those places you just drive past as it has no sex appeal, it seems to just stand there and not look overly welcoming. We are duty bound to put aside sex appeal and do this for the cause, we have had a lot of people asking us to visit this place and it is about time we did, but first impressions have not got us totally sold.

Walking in it is very different to the exterior, it smells fresh and looks clean, tables are clean and the bar looks very well stocked.  Welcoming, is a good word to describe this place, very different to the exterior. The chairs and tables seem very similar to those used at the Soho Tavern, and we find out later it is actually something to do with those owners.

Drinks, Atmosphere:
The drinks, we have seen larger ranges at different venues, all your regular ones are visible, and so if you do not like anything out of the ordinary, you will be pleased with what is on offer.

Atmosphere, you know what we are surprised at the amount of couples in here, the appearance lends itself more to a lads/locals venue, but fair play, nice and mixed, and it seems a friendly place, no piercing eyes as we take our seats.

Food and Ordering
This like many desi grills has a kitchen that you can see fully, which is always helpful, it is always good to see kitchen standards and this looks very well maintained.We order our food at the hatch and we are informed that it will be 20- 25mins, which is a bit surprising as it seems rather busy.

Just like the Soho Tavern, the salad and dips are delivered to our table within minutes of us sitting down, and in 23 mins our food is with us, all served at once as we had asked.

We have mentioned this is like the Soho Tavern, if the food is as good, we may be onto a winner here.

The chicken wings wow, these are impressive, they are cooked well and marinated extremely well, the amount of meat on these bad boys does also impress.

The Chicken Tikka, well that is just as impressive, the quality of the meat is good and the way in which it is cooked also impresses.

The Lamb chop is cooked well, but not as much meat as we would have liked, but still impressive, the shish kebab just fails to hit the spot, it just seemed bland with little or no imagination behind it.

Ok before I go onto the prawns, the sizzler as whole was very good, but was simply not spicy enough for us, we know that you can pay extra for some special sauce, but we just wanted it spiced right, not sure if this is the plan for those who like spice, but we like spice, we just did not want to pay extra for sauce. Still a good solid grill though.

The prawns, these were fresh and tasted good like the grill as a whole, impressive but not spicy enough.

The Chicken Tikka Masala: This was impressive, not as Impressive as  the Tavern but pretty damn close, good quality of meat, well cooked and a great sauce, and the spice is back lol.

Lamb Curry:
The sauce and the meat are both impressive well cooked and flavoured, just not enough, may be a one off but not as much lamb as we had chicken curry. Yes, this was spiced right.

We are glad that we ventured to the New Cottage Bar and Grill, it was damn cold outside, and this place did not look overly welcoming, but once inside our whole mood changed, great for couples, short waiting times, and decent customer service, need more bar staff though, as the place filled up it seemed to take a while to get served.

The sizzler whilst not as big as some was impressive, it had many things going for it, the quality of the chicken was good and the lamb impressed, the downside the lack of spice, we do not like it overly spiced hence we did not pay extra for the grill with added spice, we did expect some spice though, maybe they could look at this as a good sizzler could have been great.

The curries were impressive and had spice in them; no additional sauce required here, we enjoyed these. The dishes were collected regularly and tables were maintained well, overall this place is well worth a visit, it has a lot going for it, and if the Soho Tavern is on the wrong side of town for you, then this might be a good alternative.

Be sure to check this place out, we will be back!


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