Desi Pubs The New Hen & Chickens, West Bromwich (Inc. 2nd Visit)



The New Hen & Chickens, is situated in the Hill top area of West Bromwich, its 12 mins from the M1, Junction 1, so close to The Hawthorns home of West Bromwich Albion, 10 minutes from Walsall Football Club via M6 junction 9.

Appearance & Entry:

The new Hen and Chickens was totally re-vamped just under 12 months ago, and once you park up it is noticeable, it looks fresh, modern and appealing, some greenery and bamboo mesh also provides it with a great welcoming feel.

Walking In & Bar:

The dining area is totally new, it is very bright and appealing, the bar though not the biggest provides a great range of drinks, and the prices start from £2.90 draught which is very good, and it is a good pint, we order our drinks and receive instruction as to as to how to order food and are pointed in the direction of the menu’s. The place is not that busy but seats are available, some tables have dishes still left on and I can’t see any urgency in collecting these, we find a table and order our food.

It Begins:

The place is not overly busy as we stated, upon ordering our food we inform them we want our sizzler first and then the mains, to which they agree which is good, we are informed the food will be 30 mins, which surprises us, but at least we have been informed.


The sizzler arrives in 20 minutes, which impressed us, it’s sizzling, it’s large and looks fantastic, onions fried and look and taste great, not bad for 20 minutes.

Chicken Tikka: This is impressive, the meat is cooked well, and the seasoning is fantastic and big chunks.

Lamb Shish Kebab: Juicy, spicy and very flavorsome, impressed again.

Wings: Again seasoned well and with just the right amount of spice, I like spicy meat so be wary if you do not like spice, these though tasty the quantity of meat on them is not the best.

Lamb Chops: These are fatty, and though not letting down the whole dish, do leave us a bit gutted as this was proving to be an excellent mixed.

Now to check out the Curries:

These come to us once our sizzler is finished, the weird thing, they bring our curries out, but don’t take our empty sizzler plates, we then re-arrange them so we have space to eat, we ask for the dishes to be removed they say they will, but never are.

Chicken Tikka Masala: It looks creamy, and smells great, let me repeat, it looks creamy, the quantity of meat in the dish is disappointing, the dish tastes good but it’s mainly sauce, what meat we had was well cooked.

Lamb Curry: Piping hot and flavoursome, the meat ratio again is not the best, yet looking at other peoples dishes it seems we have just received less, as others have more meat.


It was a visit that had been requested by many, so the journey was needed, the re-furb looks great, it’s got a real polished look and will allow the owners to add character as it grows and really put a stamp on it.

Drinks both in selection and taste were very goods, everything we wanted was available and the prices were in keeping with the area, the hygiene levels as a whole of the venue are good, toilets fresh and clean and it’s tidy.

The staff who are collecting dishes need re-training, on numerous occasions, they were called over by customers for missing spoons or plates, they seemed happy to engage in conversation whilst dishes were waiting to be collected, we asked twice for our empties to be taken away yet they never were.

The sizzler, bar the lamb chops was great, really lived up to expectations, as lots of people have raved about this venue.

Curry dishes, seems like we got the short straw as it seemed other dishes had more actual meat than ours, ratio’s may need to be re-visited

We enjoyed our food, the atmosphere is a family orientated one, and it looks great, we understand it’s a new venue so hopefully the customer service side of things can be sorted as that was the down side, and they can work out the ratio of portions, minor things that can easily be addressed.

Round 2, The staff were a lot more on the ball, as soon as we were seated we noticed tables being cleaned and dishes being collected, so that was promising

The lamb chops were better, less fatty and a great portion of meat, these were very good, the sizzler was really impressive, the curries portion sizes still seem to be an issue as they differ, but the taste was great.

All in all impressed is the word, good family atmosphere too.


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