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Location: The New Horseshoe Bar & Grill is located about 5 minutes from Junction 3 of the M6. The nearest football ground is the Ricoh Arena which is a mere 5 mins away, a good location if you are flying up and down the M6.

Appearance: The New Horseshoes is the latest addition to the mix grill scene in Coventry and only opened a couple of weeks ago, so the new ‘refurb whiff’ was in the air. The owners took over the pub a couple of months ago and fully refurbished the venue prior to opening. To say it’s a huge improvement is an understatement.

Please Note: The New Horseshoe Bar & Grill is proving to be very popular, so at weekends or match days it may be wise to ring ahead and book a table, this can be done via the pubs Facebook page.

Drinks: As part of the refurb a new set of lines has been fitted so the draught beers hopefully will be on point. They did not disappoint the draught beers were fresh and crisp with the usual suspects on tap including premium options like Staropromen.

The spirit range is good but not as vast as some mix grill venues. There are some specialty gins, whiskeys and vodkas if you’re looking for something upscale.  This will surely increase once the customer base grows.

Food Ordering: When we ordered our food we were told it would be approx 25 minutes for the mix grill, which sounded impressive, as customers are coming in at a regular pace.

We were surprised to find the food arrived very promptly after 15 minutes. We opted to order curries separately fearing they could be busy as a new venue but the owners have made a big effort to keep wait times down on food with lots of staff on bar and in the kitchen.

Talking of the kitchen it’s an open kitchen with hatch to order and for a new venue it’s sparkling clean as would be expected.

We ordered the Farmhouse Grill which claims to serve 3-4 people. We had a larger group so ordered some extras like the chilli chips and the crispy wings which we haven’t seen in Coventry before but are well acquainted with from a well known Walsall desi pub.

The Sizzler

The tikka meat was well spiced and succulent.

The Sheesh kebab also well flavoured and fresh but I was disappointed as there was not enough pieces.

The King Prawn probably the biggest & juiciest we have had on any mix grill before.

Lamb Chops. We had mixed reviews in our group whilst it was flavoured well some pieces were a bit too fatty.

Fish pakora excellent they were great, light and fluffy batter.


The curries we opted for a lamb balti which they mark as a chef specialty on the menu. Also we went for a saag chicken and butter chicken.

The timings again were spot on we were told 30mins or so and right on 30mins our curries arrived.

The lamb balti felt was a let down. Spice just wasn’t there but the chicken saag hit the right notes. The butter chicken was more in a UK restaurant style as opposed to the Punjabi dhabba style we seem to be on an endless quest to find over here. Bit too sweet for my liking.

The accompanying naans, tandoori roti and rice were spot on. Comments were made on portion size in comparison to price but perhaps we do compare often to desi pubs in Birmingham and the like where quantities on the whole are greater.

The New Horseshoe Bar & Grill has gone through a major refurb and the venue is damn impressive. It is clean and the hygiene is faultless, as you would expect from a new venue.

The customer service was impressive, the speed of service, the ability to stick to timings these are things that many desi pubs neglect, but fair play to these guys they seemed to have it nailed.

The Mix grill was impressive with the lamb chops divided the team, but the one thing we agreed upon was how damn impressive the king prawns were, they have to be tried if you are going. The portion size, it is more a grill for 3 than 4 if we are being honest, so bare that in mind.

The Curries, the chicken saag impressed, the lamb dish was pretty bland, just lacked that spark to set it off, so if you are going prioritize the mix grill.

The New Horseshoe Bar & Grill impressed us, and we will be back, add it to the list people, it is well worth checking out.

Check out how The New Horseshoe Bar and Grill has performed in the Coventry league and national grill league here;


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