Desi Pubs – The Pear Tree Inn, Derby #DesiGrills


The Pear Tree Inn is 15 minutes from the A38 Derby Junction, and a mere 10 minute drive away from Pride Park so not far for travelling football fans, and not too hard to find off of the A38 if you are passing that way. A car park is attached to the building so that makes it easy for us as we are not ones for walking, the place is busy, plenty of parking in and around the building if the car park is full.

Appearance & Entry:
This place is bang on a corner, and the size is impressive, it does stand out compared to houses around it, so you will not miss this. The car park is clean, building looks well maintained and it feels welcoming, so decide to make our way in.

As we walk in we notice we have a separate dining area, so people remember that if coming with families, you do not have to eat in the bar, the food room is like many other desi pubs, TV’s on the wall, large black chairs, this does have the feel of a true desi pub, the food eating area has its own bar, which is fully staffed, no issues getting served.

It is a desi pub, so the spirit section should impress, it is not the most varied we have seen, not sure if the bar has more on display but would like to see more. The lager is bang on, impressed with this, not sure if the lines have just been done, this tastes real fresh and crisp. The Guinness, we did not try as we did not see any others drinking it.

Food and Ordering:
Ok, we grab a seat and manage to get a seat, the dining area seems to have a few in, and they are a bit rowdy, but they are not doing us any harm, but bare that in mind people it is somewhere that likes to be heard.

We order our food, and ask for our Mixed Grill first and then our curries to be sent over slightly after, the kitchen staff have no issues with this, and say that this is something they can do, we are told the food will be approx 30 – 40 mins.

The food is with us in 30 minutes, great timing and honesty. The grill is sizzling and, you know what, we are going in.

Let’s start with the fish pakora this is different, usually not a fan of these on mixed grills but to  be fair this is one of the highlights on the grill, it is fresh, fluffy and not a  hint of grease anywhere, the crunch on the pakora is fantastic. As we look around the room we notice that many others also have fish on the grill, maybe this is something they specialise in? A great start to the mixed grill.

Chicken wings, these are also very very good plenty of meat on these, well marinated, full of meat and sticky a fantastic start to the mixed grill.

The chicken tikka and shish kebab, what can you say? Cooked well, spiced well, but unfortunately lacking in magic, all the pieces of the jigsaw were there, but just did not fit. Do not get us wrong these are not poor, just lack magic.

Lamb chops on the other hand are like the chicken wings, flavoured really well, large amount of meat and cooked to a high standard cannot fault these, good quality of meat used.

The size of the sizzler is quite impressive; plenty of wings just could do with more fish.


Desi chicken curry, this looked impressive full of meat, colourful and full of sauce. This was a good dish but liked the chicken tikka above it was just lacking magic, so not a bad dish but not much else to say.

Desi lamb curry, as with the desi chicken curry it looked fantastic but still lacking that something, not a bad dish but certainty not a stand out either.

The Pear Tree Inn is a clean and well maintained establishment, the draught drinks are impressive, customer service was very good and we felt welcome during our visit to the Pear Tree Inn. Good to see a well maintained car park, and the whole look of the pub in general is impressive.

We enjoyed the option of a separate dining room with its own separate bar, and its own dedicated member of staff (something other pubs could look into.) Even though the pub was loud never once did we feel uncomfortable considering we were not regulars?

The mixed grill, fish, wings and lamb chops all stood out and could well entice us to make a second visit, though the tikka and kebab was good but just lacked spark.

Curries, good but not something we would make a journey alone for.

Finally, if passing through Derby this place is well worth a visit, you are made to feel welcome, food is delivered on time. The grill is worth a visit, and hopefully upon our return the curries mat have had some magic added to them.

The Pear Tree Inn is a welcome addition to the list!


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