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The Prince of Wales is in the mighty town of Southall, its approximately a 10 mins drive from the M4 junction 3, hang on do you really need me to tell you where Southall is lol. Twickenham is about 30 mins away if you ever fancy going to the rugger.

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside, the place is pleasing on the eye; firstly because it is obvious that this is a pub that serves food, and not a restaurant that serves beer, the squad are happy.  It’s old school from the outside and not overly appealing if you are not a pub person, I recommend you becoming one though. Parking is not easiest, we parked approximately 10 mins away, think I pulled a hamstring on the way to the pub.

Walking In & Bar:

Soon as we walk in we notice it is busy, sport on the TV and music on to, and it has a real warm old school feel to the place, from the floor to the minimal wall art, the place appeases us, but may not appeal to some who are not keen on a mainly male crowd.

It Begins:

Drinks, well we are in London, so the draught beer is more expensive than up the old M40, but to be honest they were not that bad, the lager was £3.60 and the shots were reasonably priced too.

The bar is impressive and looks like it has been here since day dot, the spirits on offer make us smile, a good range of whiskeys and vodka with a few gins and shots thrown in, good job we have a designated driver.

We order our food and we inform them we would like the curries and the sizzler at the same time, they are happy to oblige, we are moved to a bigger table, good customer service.

The food arrives after 25mins, which is good as the place is busy and we are not the only ones eating.

The sizzler arrives and it looks great, the sizzle is apparent and the onions are drowning in the meats flavour, bring this on.


Chicken Tikka: Well cooked, marinated well, and look great the flavouring is slightly lacking but this a good start.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  These again look good, the meat used seems to be decent, as per the dish chicken tikka these are good, slightly over spiced though lol.

Wings:  These are good, well flavoured and well marinated, spice is bang on, and this is the stand out so far. Brilliant!

Lamb Chops: Cooked well, and meaty, these are not fatty and again these are pretty decent, no issues with these bad boys.

Now to check out the Curries:

The curries have remained hot and have not cooled, which is a good sign.

Butter Chicken Curry:  The dish was, well how do I put this, BANGING!! This dish was suggested to us by 3 other people and damn aren’t we glad we did, the whole dish is extremely good, the chicken the sauce the lot, well done Prince Saab!

Lamb Curry: How do you follow the Chicken curry it is a hard to task, the lamb dish was like the sizzler, well cooked and prepared  with plenty of meat, we just wanted more chicken to be fair.


The Prince of Wales in Southall has been on the list for a bit now, and was the most requested Desi Pub in London, and we can see why. If you are ever near, this Desi Pub is well worth a visit. It has a very male crowd, so ladies be aware, the atmosphere is pleasant though, so don’t be put off by that.

The sizzler was impressive the wings and the lamb chops stood out for us, and overall you can’t knock anything on the sizzler.

The chicken curry was the highlight of the whole trip, and really is worth a visit, possibly one of the best we have had on our journeys.

Drinks were plentiful and the quality of the draught was very good, the staff was helpful, the hygiene was good and no obvious issues, overall it was a pleasant experience.


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