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The Railway is in Oldbury, it is located on Bromford rd, opposite Sandwell and Dudley station,approx 10 mins from the M5 junction 1, so not hard to get to, we went after 9PM, so parking was not an issue we parked opposite the pub on the main road, some parking is available at the side and rear of the building,

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside, the Railway Inn is not a fancy looking pub, it looks like it has been here for years, yet, it still gives off a warm feel, no groups of lads or people standing outside smoking, hate that, so glad it is not happening here.

On walking in, it feels like how it looks from the outside, old but not tired and warm, the place is busy and you know what we feel right at home, it is the first time we have been here and we are made to feel welcome straight away. The place is clean, and fresh
The Bar area to the left is for pub punters and on the right is a booth, that we jump into, this comfy and big enough for all 8 of us, the Railway does have separate tables to eat away from the main area, which is good if you wish to have a more private meal.


The draught lagers were impressive, the Guinness extra cold, which is our normal drink was impressive too, we only dare risk this in pubs where we see locals drinking it lol. The spirit selection is impressive and the option to buy bottles is also something that impresses.


We ordered our food, and we were informed it will be 25 – 30 mins, and it was ready in 25 mins, but due to half of our party not arriving as of yet, we asked for it to be held back, and they did, 25 mins later when our friends turned up the food was delivered to us straight away and it was fresh and hot, these guys deserve a round of applause for showing us so much patience and then delivering food that was still sizzling.

The portions on the grill are impressive, and one plus side of the meat marinating for longer, the onions are dripping in sauces and taste fantastic!!

Chicken Tikka is good large chunks, and plenty of them, not as spicy as we like but good in flavour.

Fish, this is crispy, not full of oil, impressed with this as it really feels fresh and light, really impressed.

The lamp chops, are overdone, the flavour that we manage to get is good, but these are not easy to chew.

The sheesh kebab, all to often this is overlooked, and only provided as it is what everyone else offers, but this like the fish is impressive, the meat falls off and is flavoured really well, these are good, on a par with the fish.

The chicken wings, these are plentiful, yet the meat on most of them is not, impressive flavours and marinated well , some have more meat than others, but other than that they deliver.

The Curries

Chicken Tikka Masala: cooked well, good size chunks, not to big, the sauce is decent too, overall there is nothing wrong with the dish, but very little magic either, solid enough without shining.

Lamb Curry: this is exactly the same as the chicken curry, all the elements are present, but it just fails to deliver a killer blow, solid without the magic.


From the outside the Railway Inn will not blow you away, it is one of those pubs that you just drive past without thinking about whats happening in the building. If you was to stop you would not be disappointed, the food we found to be solid, the sheesh kebab was the best part for us along side the fish, nothing let us down, but nothing blew us away either.

If you want a new and trendy venue, then this old school boozer may not be your thing, but if you want somewhere where you are made to feel welcome as soon as you walk in, and are then not hassled all night, this maybe a place you should consider.

The customer service on the night was fantastic, a large group of non regulars and considering we were awkward at times, nothing flustered these guys, really well done on that.

If you want a place that offers no frills food and lots of it, this is not a bad option, we will be back, and if on match day other pubs closer to the Hawthorns are full this might be a nice alternative, as the beers were bang on.

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