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The Regency Club is situated in Harrow, if you are on the way to Wembley you are a mere 20 mins away from a mixed grill and curry experience, the M1 is not far away, so craving a curry whilst on the way to London just got sorted.

Appearance & Entry:
We managed to park just around the corner, not many spaces at the front when we went as the place was very busy, be prepared to walk people as parking may well be an issue.

From the outside this place looks very smart, large signs, bright and it gives off a touch of class, and that is even before we have walked in, good first impression.

As we enter the building we do get a bit of a surprise, this is a very very different kind of desi pub, in-fact I’d say it is more of a Desi bar than pub, carpet floors, large bar tables, and booths, ahhh got it, the place has a social club feel to it, yes that is it the bar of a social club.

The place has quite a few people in, and due to people standing at the bar getting served drinks is not the easiest.

The drinks on offer are varied and plentiful, that is from the draught beers to the huge amount of spirits on offer, great selection, and for me the lager lover, some fantastic variations on normal beers. Just not served in the right glasses, c’mon on guys, we built it up!

Food and Ordering
We take our places in a booth, luckily it just became available, and we take a look at the menu and we ask if we can see the chef cooking, this request is something they are happy to oblige with, the kitchen is busy and the takeaways seem to be popular, the kitchen is busy and clean. Nice insight.

Whilst browsing the menu we notice the mix grill on offer is not what we are normally used to, and it will not be a sizzler either, and for £14.95 it does not offer much, wings, kebab and some lamb.

We order a large platter as there is 4 of us, we are informed the food will be 30 mins as they are busy.

So the platter arrives after 40 minutes, and we did ask how long, and got a snappy reply off “5 minutes, we busy you know” wrong beer in the wrong glass and now a bit of an attitude with the staff, not boding well is it this.

So the food arrives on plates, now we do not have an issue with this as we knew we were not going to be getting a sizzler, but come on people, make sure the plates are lukewarm at least, this then makes the food feel colder, do we dare ask for warm plates, after having our heads snapped off earlier, I think we will go with what we have.

The tikka is good really well, large chunks, and marinated extremely well, the chicken is not over done and really does break away really easy and we are all mightily impressed.

The wings these like the tikka are really impressive, they have a good amount of meat on them, spiced well and the spice levels are just perfect for us.

The kebab, large is not the word, this over hangs the plate and look mightily impressive, but looks can be deceiving, the flavour is as nonexistent as the customer service, plenty left over here.

The lamb chops were good, not fatty and cooked really well, lacked spice but very impressive still.

The Mushaki, this was exactly the same as the kebabs, we had plenty of this and again we left loads as it just failed to ignite anything in us flavour wise.

Chicken Karahi and Chicken Makani Curry: The two chicken dishes were really well spiced and cooked, like the chicken from the platter these were also cooked almost to perfection,  loved these two curries, loved the sauce.

Keema : Cooked well, flavoured well, not greasy or swimming in fat, a solid dish, nothing standout amazing, just a good dish.

The Regency Club is an impressive venue, it looks clean and polished from the outside and very welcoming. The inside of the venue is very unique, very spaced out with a look of a social club, but has been maintained very well.

The hygiene standards are very high, the kitchen and the bar cannot be faulted, neither can the drinks selection fantastic offering, just use the correct glasses guys, makes a massive difference.

The food, some real highs, and some lows too, the chicken tikka, wings and curries all really impressed and I mean impressed these were something we could easily eat again, and hopefully will soon. Shish and mushaki, well I do not know if these were after thoughts as they really dragged expectations down, and just seemed to be something that has been offered to keep pace with other venues.

The customer service, well no one goes into a venue to be spoken to like that, so for that reason the scores really been impacted, and cold plates, come on guys, really, this is a basic error.

Would we come back, for the chicken dishes yes, the lamb we could even give another go, but customer service wise, we would need to see a marked improvement before contemplating a return?

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