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The Scotsman is in sunny Southall, it’s pretty central to all things Southall, The Broadway, the route out of town back towards the city, lol. It’s easy to find and has a good reputation.

Appearance & Entry:

The Scotsman, has 2 parking spaces outside the pub, if you do not manage to get one of them, enjoy the walk. The pub from the outside has an iconic old school feel, big windows, a nice sign displayed, looks like a real boozer this does.

So from the outside, you know it has been here since the day dot, but how will it reveal itself inside.

Walking In & Bar:

Soon as we walked in we knew this was not one of those pubs that was totally different inside to the outside. The bar had a few in and it was an entirely  male crowd, we stood as non regulars, this was uncomfortable, we went and ordered our drinks, a good selection of spirits is on display, and the pint, it was a good one, and it an actual lager glass, not a ale glass, London you are learning.

Sky sports is on and it seems to be the main focus of attention, we order our food and take a seat, with some friends who we are meeting in there, only then do we feel like we are not being stared at.

It Begins:

We are informed we will be called when our food is ready and it will be 30 minutes, seems excessive as not many are eating, the food arrives within 25 minutes, big plus!

Sizzler: The smoke and sizzle are definitely  here, and I mean you can tell, this thing is smoking, so we know it’s hot, onions are sparse and covered with meat, so we are unable to judge if these are sizzle proof.

The size of the sizzler is not as big as previous places we have been to, feels like Leicester again.

Chicken Tikka: What Chicken we have is well cooked and seasoned, marinated well, decent.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Like the above Chicken, not much on the grill, but decent, no magic, but not poor.

Wings:  These are the best part of the sizzler, with the wings really well cooked, good amount of meat and spiced right.

Lamb Chops: These like the sizzler as a whole are decent, nothing amazing neither poor.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Tikka Masala: Its creamy with plenty of meat, the sauce has a lot of flavour too, just no spark, it’s very run of the mill.

Peshwari Lamb: This is well cooked and really hits the spot; along with the wings this seems to be the dish that I would recommend from here.


The Scotsman is a popular pub, and we know why, it serves a cracking pint, and the atmosphere is very lad’ish one, so if that’s what you want, whilst family shop on the Broadway, then this may be your sanctuary for a drink or two.

Food wise, nothing was terrible or poor, but on the other hand nothing really stood out, it was good, but not amazing, everything was very similar and the portion sizes need to be looked at for the prices they are charging.

The Lamb curry was the best dish out of the lot, and if you are popping to the Scotsman this will need to be your dish of choice.

Tables were clean, not overly run with staff, but as we stated earlier, it is a lad’s joint, and the empties were collected when they had time, not an issue as the table next to us was empty lol.

The draught was the stand out for us at The Scotsman, we don’t know if it was the day the beer lines had been done but the pint was bang on, and the selection of spirits was to our liking too.


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