Desi Pubs, The Soho Oak, West Bromwich #DesiGrills


Location: The Soho Oak, West Bromwich, is 10 Minutes away from the M5 junction 1, and a 12 – 15 minutes away from the Hawthorns, home of Championship side West Bromwich Albion.

Appearance:  The Soho Oak is brand spanking new, the car park is clean, it’s well light, and it feels welcoming.
The new signage and exterior are extremely impressive. Upon walking in, you can smell the refurb, the floor looks great, and you know what the bar and tables and chairs , you could almost think you was in the Soho Tavern.

Drinks: The beers is on point, It is crisp clean and damn impressive, it looks like the new pythons (beer line pipes) are doing the trick, best pint we have had in a long time. The selection of spirits on offer is impressive.

Food Ordering: The Soho Oak was not overly busy, so the kitchen staff could have just chilled but instead talked us through the menu, and were really helpful. The food waiting times just like the Soho Tavern are damn impressive, within 25 mins we have our Grill.

Sizzler: It makes it’s way over to us and the sizzle is real people, we have not heard this for a good 10 days and this feels good.

The chicken tikka, plenty of chunks and as expected cooked well, flavoured well and an impressive start.

The chicken wings, it is hard not to judge everything against the Soho Tavern, but we have to try and distance the Tavern from our minds, these wings are good, but just lacked that bit of a spark. The spice just was not there, good but noting standout.

Sheesh Kebab, The kebab was impressive, cooked well and the plenty on offer. really enjoyed this.

The Lamb Chops, these bad boys are impressive, and really do hit the spot, cooked well, spiced well, and the quality of meat used is also very good, hardly any fat at all.

Fish Pakora, like the wings, these are good, the batter is not greasy, just lack that something to make them special.


The chicken curry and the lamb curry are DAMN impressive, plenty of meat, great portion sizes and really impressive flavours. The sauce is really flavorsome and makes the curries damn impressive.


Walking into the Soho Oak, we could not shake the comparisons with the Soho Tavern, plenty of others will also do this, but as a new desi pub the Oak is pretty impressive.

The staff are welcoming, the place is clean and overall the experience was a damn impressive one.

The mixed grill had no lows, the stand outs were the Lamb chops and tikka, they really did set the bar high.

The curries though, this is where the Soho Oak came into it’s own, they tasted fresh, had plenty of meat and just a big wow, really enjoyed these.

The Oak will grow with time, and the crowd will evolve, but if the Tavern is to far out the way, then the Oak is a mightily impressive alternative.

Good job guys see you soon.



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