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Location: The Spinney is not the easiest place to find if you are not local to the area, so do not be surprised if you are sitting there scratching your head thinking, where is this? It is 10 mins from Junction 9 off the M6, 8 minutes away from Walsall FC and approx 12 mins away from West Bromwich Albion FC, so pretty much in the middle! Stone Cross, sort of!

Appearance: The Spinney from the outside looks like an old estate pub, very much like the old M & B pubs, it stands out on the estate and is the central hub of that estate. Plenty of parking in and around the pub and it looks like we have a few in tonight.

Once you walk in, you get a strange sense of the new desi pub world and the Ye Olde pub world, we have a new dining area on one side, and on the other we have remnants of the old pub building, which forms the bar area, I like the look of the bar area, really old school and pubb’ish!

Drinks & Ordering: The draughts on offer are not as varied as we have seen, but being on an estate they have to cater for what they know, but what we do have is fresh and crisp and our pints are bang on. A good selection of spirits also, not the biggest we have seen, but plentiful.

We order our food at the bar have a great chat with the bar staff and we get to pop in and look around a clean and well kept open kitchen, good customer service and great kitchen too, my shirt will smell in the morning though.

Sizzler: Our food arrives after 30 minutes as we were told, and the portion is impressive, we are not lacking in quantity here.

The onions, these bad boys are sizzling hard, and we dive in, word of caution lol, don’t do this, these were pipping hot lol. The old tongue is on fire.

The chicken tikka, this is decent, it is slightly dry, but we like our meat dry, so it is good for us, the spice is just right, and the quality of the meat is impressive.

The Lamb chops, these are slightly fatty, other than that what meat we do have is spiced well and flavoured well, what meat we do have is cooked well and delivered well.

The wings, these are sticky and meaty and cooked well, just lack that bit of spice we expect from wings, good effort, just lacking that kick.

Sheesh Kebab, this is cooked well, flavoured well with a good kick of spice, these are quite impressive so happy with these.

Curries:  We had Chicken tikka masala and a lamb curry, and the portion size, wow, we are not going hungry tonight. The tikka is cooked really well, plenty of sauce, plenty of meat, we really enjoyed this dish.
The lamb curry very much like the Chicken curry is cooked well and delivered well, the sauce deserves a mention, really impressive, possibly the best dish of the whole visit.

Conclusion: The Spinney Pub & Grill is not the best known pub in West Bromwich, but if you do get chance it does offer something different. The customer service is bang on, and we were made to feel welcome, we were strangers but never felt like it.

The way in which the bar is set up is impressive, and really does add a bit uniqueness to the desi pub.

The sizzler, was not something we would class as amazing, we would put it firmly in the good bracket, nothing overly disappointing, just lacked that something special to take it to the next level.

The curries stood out from the visit, we enjoyed both dishes, and this is where the Spinney we feels excels, the lamb dish was exceptional, and we would make that our evenings highlight! You got to try this.

Overall, the Spinney is a solid boozer that serves a cracking curry, it is friendly with a good atmosphere, add it to the list, give the lads a call that you are popping in and they will look after you once you get in! A second visit in early 2019 is penciled in.



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