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The Sport Lounge Oadby, if you are watching the Tigers at Welford Rd, or visiting the King Power, the Sports lounge is a mere 15 minutes away from both, so not far at all.

Appearance & Entry:
The Sports Lounge has good parking facilities, car park next to the building, and also the road in front of the building is good to park on, so that is a good start.

Let us be honest, we drove past this place when the shutter was down, and we never thought it was a pub/bar, it looked more like a gym. Now, when we returned on the evening, when it was all lit, the difference is quite huge. It now looks like a bar!

What do you expect from a sports bar? TV’s, booths and pool tables with a couple of gaming machines as a minimum, well glad to say we were not disappointed, it feels lively, a great crowd in, and it feels very lively and good natured.

The Sports lounge has one large room, and it is spotless, the hygiene is impressive the bar, the floor and everything else looks very, very well kept.

This place is busy, and the women I can count on one hand, looks like it a good old lads drinking joint this.

It is a sports bar, so we would be gutted if the beer was not impressive and a range of shots was not on offer, but they have got the lot here, the beer is crisp and sharp, needed on a day like today and goes down a treat, plenty on offer here guys. The price of drinks when match days are on is ridiculously cheap! Session on lads.

Food and Ordering
The weird thing is that we do not see many people ordering food, plenty of people in with nibbles but no grills in site as of yet! Good or bad sign? We grab some seats and order our food, only by checking the menu do we realise, this is owned by the guys who also run the The Broadway pub we was in two days earlier, let see how it stacks up. We got our food in 25 minutes as promised.

Mixed Grill
Well, it is back to Leicester size portions, The Broadway offered us more, but let us see if this does the trick quality wise.

The Chicken tikka and wings, we have grouped these together as they were both cooked very well, seasoned well and a good kick of spice, no hint of rubber here, these are good, just could do with more.

Launching Monday 4th June

The Fish pakora this is ok, it has a crunch, but does not feel as fresh as previous ones, it is not greasy but just fails to ignite anything taste bud wise.

The Shish kebab, now these are spiced good, cooked well and makes me feel good about kebabs again, fair few bad experiences with these.

The Lamb Chops slightly overdone, what meat we do have tastes extremely impressive, the flavour comes through well, these we like. It’s just an issue with portion sizes.

We like a menu that does not add to much hype to each dish, we just need names and this menu does that for us.

Chicken Curry: This looked the part, and the portion size was damn impressive, if only the grill was as large, the sauce is impressive, the chunks of chicken are good, a good dish, not bad guys.

Lamb Curry:  Now the lamb dish, this had it all, flavoured well, cooked well, good meat ratio and damn it has great kick of spice, this is the stand out dish of the visit, easily.

The Sports Lounge in Oadby did not fill us with excitement when we drove past in the daytime, but on the night the place looks the part from the outside. Inside the place is clean, serves a great pint and has good parking, so no issues with appearance.

The atmosphere was a good one, the place had a good amount of people in watching the games, and it felt like a sports bar, the weather was nice so the doors were open and it just felt welcoming and lively, we had a good time in here.

The mixed grill, you know what this was OK the portion size was the killer for us, but looking back at other desi pubs in Leicester, this actually is the norm and not the exception for grill sizes. We just want more as the tikka, wings and lamb were damn tasty.

The curries, the lamb dish was the stand out from the whole visit, it ticked all the boxes a good curry should be, fresh, full of flavour, great seasoning and good quality of meat.

If you are in Leicester and want to watch anything sporty in a bar where you will be made to feel welcome, then you know what this is the place.We really enjoyed our time here, the food portions on the grill are not amazing, but make sure you order that Lamb curry, England games in the World Cup anyone ?

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