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The Stores Bar and Grill is a 1 minute drive from the M5 junction 2, the Hawthorns is a mere 5/6 minutes away via the M5, and if you are visiting before or after Cadbury world then you are also a mere 5 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:
We used to go in here loads back in the day when it was called the “Manchester Stores” so I’m intrigued to see how this place is doing now!

Parking, you can park on the street in front of the pub or at the side, you are no more than 30 seconds away from the place at any time.

Soon as you walking in, you can hear that this place is loud, the atmosphere is lively, and it is very much a lads place, nothing changed then lol.

We went into the kitchen part of the pub, which is at the rear, like we said this place is busy, and we struggle to get a seat, not sure if it is always this busy, but tonight the place is full, plenty of TV’s if you wish to watch sport.

It is a desi pub, lots of lads, so if the beer was not up to scratch I’m sure it would not be busy, the draught is impressive as is the Guinness, a great pint of the black stuff and it seems a popular drink. Spirits wise, this is a desi pub and you have a great selection of vodka’s and whiskeys with some good old shots for later in the night.

Food and Ordering

Like we said getting seated was an issue, should have picked a night when the big match was not on lol. We finally get a seat and order our food, we are told the food will be 40-45 minutes, it is long yes, but, you can’t knock the honesty, and the food is with us in just over 40 mins. So long yes, but points for honesty!


This beast is big and looks impressive, the onions are sizzling and the juices are flowing into them, not a hint of grease, we going in!!

The Chicken tikka, lot’s of flavour, well cooked and a solid effort, spiced well, this is extremely good, a great start and as good as we remember.

The Chicken wings, not the best amount of meat on these, but, what we do have is good, nothing as good as the tikka but good.

The lamb chops, not fatty not dry, and cooked well, the meat pulls of easy and we are not chewing our gums off, just no magic to these, good without being special.

The kebabs, fall into the same category as the lamb chops, all the elements present, a good kebab, but nothing stand outs.

Chicken Curry: This is impressive, the chicken curry is cooked bang on, the sauce is good, the meat is very good, and everything about this is extremely impressive, real desi style, enjoyed this.

Lamb Curry: Just like the Chicken curry, this is mightily impressive, good in a real desi way, great amount of meat and the sauce is also impressive, loved this dish. Loved the curries!

The Stores is as desi as you get, which we like, a lads pub, with a great vibe, loud yes, but not in a bad way, the place has a hardcore of regulars who do not make you feel uncomfortable, and never once did we feel like we were strangers. That is why Honey Singh loved it here.

The tables were cleaned quickly, we had no issues with bar staff or kitchen staff, and even though the wait was long, we were informed it would be late, so impressed.

The sizzler, the tikka and wings were impressive, and they were the stand out for us. The rest were all good but nothing amazing, all the elements were there just needed a little something to spark them, a solid effort, but just not amazing.

The curries, these were cooked with a desi man in mind, the spice, sauce and the amount of meat were all impressive, these curries would be worth a return visit alone, never mind the grill.

The Stores has been around for ages, and is a solid boozer, it has a lot of good things going for it, and you can now add the curry to that. If you are looking for a drink or two in a pub with a good atmosphere with good curry, this might be the place for you.

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