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Location: The Tap & Tandoor , Solihull is approx 10 minute drive minute drive away from M42 Junction 6, and if you are on the way to/or from Birmingham airport, you’re approx. 20 mins away from the Tap and Tandoor.

Appearance & Entry: The Tap and Tandoor has recently undergone a massive refurbishment, and from the outside the place looks appealing, it is clean, well lit, and has a very “Join Us” kind of a feel to the place, so it would be rude not to join those already inside.

The Tap and Tandoor is branding it self as a gastro pub, and as soon as you walk in you notice a very “arty” feel about the place, the floors and furniture, the lovely long bar are very in keeping with the modern pub vibe, it feels comfortable and is very pleasing on the eye. The venue has quite a few in and it is a very mixed crowd the atmosphere is lively and it does feel very friendly, definitely a place for couples.

Bar & Drinks: Solihull does have its fair share of hipsters and I think a lot of them are in here, and the reason why? Craft Ales, and the Tap and Tandoor has more craft ales then we have seen at any of our visits to other “gastro” pubs, this place has gone all in. Over £4.50 per pint (Carling £3.60) the craft beers better be worth it, the spirit selection is not the largest we have seen, all the regulars are visible. What would be good is if you are becoming a fully fledged craft bar are more bespoke gins and such unique to the venue.

Food and Ordering: We order our food at the bar at a separate till to where we paid for our food, so not sure how this would work out if having it on 1 tab, we are informed that our food will be 30 – 35 minutes and to take a seat. The staff, not sure if it was due to them being busy, but they were very matter of fact, just yes and no’s, we will put this down to the fact they are busy.

The food arrived just over 30 minutes, this time we got a smile, if only half hearted.

The Sizzler: 

The first thing we notice is the portion size, this being the large grill that would serves 4, check out the menu below for the prices, but order sides, as this is not the biggest we have seen by any imagination, feeding 4 will be challenge.

The chicken tikka is good, very well cooked and full of flavours, good size chunks, just a pity at the size of it.

The wings are impressive, they are full of flavour and really do have a kick to them, plenty of meat on these too, really impressive.

The lamb chops just like the wings, really are well flavored and cooked, the lamb just breaks off,really impressive these are, hardly any fat either which is a big bonus.

The shish, this is good, and as expected, it will not amaze you, but it will not disappoint you.


Chicken Palak: The good thing about this, the size of the chicken chunks, they are not too big, the dish itself is cooked well, and the flavours are very evident, the dish again is not the biggest portion but what we did get was very impressive.

Lamb Curry: Really enjoyed this, the lamb was cooked very well once again, and the sauce was full of flavour, the spice was good and it just worked very well, impressed.


Fair play to the guys at the Tap and Tandoor for bringing the desi grills to Solihull,  judging by the customers we spoke to, they were very excited to see the grills come out each and every time and they were starting to grasp the concept of desi grills and how food is prepared, I’m not sure if they have seen the concept before, but they are enjoying it.

The Tap and Tandoor is very clean, well refurbished and looks stunning, the place is very appealing it gives off a very professional feel and sells itself very well in that regard. If you are a craft beer fan then this place is worth a visit next time you are in Solihull.

The food, the portion size was disappointing both on the grill and the curries, we are not comparing it to others, we are judging it by 2 couples sharing, the prices, well just take a card with you incase, the Tap and Tandoor is not cheap. The curries were impressive, but again really let down by the size of the portions.

If you are in and around Solihull and enjoy craft beers, then pop into the Tap and Tandoor, we will be coming back, as some things like portion sizes maybe just a learning curve, but on this occasion we enjoyed the atmosphere and drinks but still left hungry.

Check out The Tap & Tandoor’s national and Birmingham league position here 



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