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The Woolpack is situated in the Belgrave area of Leicester, its 28 mins from the M1, both Welford Road Stadium (Tigers) and The King Power Stadium are approx 20 minutes away via the city centre.

Appearance & Entry:

From the outside The Woolpack is impressive, it looks like a real old school pub, big windows old building can’t beat a pub that looks like a pub.  I’m rubbing my hands as we walk in, a real boozer hopefully. We enter via the main door, and this ends the hope of an old school look, the inside is modern looking, which is a pity, as it seems a missed opportunity to build on the character of the place. It’s not that busy and most seem to have congregated at the bar.


We finally get served however, it wasn’t how busy it is,it was  just the amount of people at the bar, move the stool lads, the prices are similar to the Marten Dhaba which we reviewed earlier, draughts from £3.40 and doubles starting at £4.80, we ask how to order food and one of the customers informs us as the bar man is indulging conversation with others at the bar.

It Begins:

We grab a seat in the corner having ordered and await our food, we were informed the food would be ready soon, 30 minutes later we get our food, we had been told the customer service here was not the best, but we could only judge it once having seen it, the staff were polite but we see no urgency.

Whilst waiting for our food, we did get more drinks, the lager is fantastic, a clear head, here’s a guide for draught lovers, if the head is too frothy the line is not at the right temperature, if the foam is bubbly looking with washing up liquid type bubbles then the line needs cleaning, but nothing is wrong with our drinks.


As we stated the food arrived in 30 minutes, which was surprising as it was not full of diners, we had to order the Lamb Chops separately as they were not a part of the mix grill.

Mixed Grill: The sizzler comes out, and I don’t know if we have been spoilt outside of Leicester  as again the portion  size is not what we are used too, hopefully the taste will ensure that is quality and not quantity that matters.

Chicken Tikka:  Pleasant, tasty and good size chunks, the spices are just right and it is piping hot, very good start.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  The Kebab is tasty, it is very thin though, it cuts easy and meat is decent, not bad.

Tandoori Chicken:  These look messy and tasty, yellow nail time, we dive in, these like the chicken above are very good, so far so good.

Lamb Chops: These are fatty; they are over cooked and have let down what was a decent, if not small mixed grill.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Tikka Masala: The dish arrives and looks creamy and the portion size is better, the dish is ok, but nothing really stands out everything about it is just ok, not blown away at all, just satisfied.

Lamb Curry: This is again like the dish above is ok, nothing stands out the flavouring and the sauces are as expected, not the worst lamb dish we have had, but not the best either.


Loved the place from the outside, a real pub look, the interior used does not sit right with the outside, the atmosphere felt clique and the crowd at the bar, made things awkward when ordering drinks. The drinks were fantastic, a good pint!

Tables were kept clean, and the hygiene in and around the dining area was very good. A lack of urgency amongst staff was an issue.

The size of the mixed grill, hmmm not really the best for two people, could do with being larger and the lamb needs to be a better quality of meat, too fatty.

The curry dishes were nothing to write home about (yet I did the review) they were satisfactory but lacked anything standout.

An increased size of mixed grill, curry dishes with more flavouring would have really changed our experience, but hey plenty recommended it, so maybe we just caught the place on a satisfactory day.


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