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The Yew Tree in West Bromwich is a 10 minute drive from the M5 junction 1, it’s a 30 minute drive from Wolverhampton Wanderers down the Birmingham New Rd, back via the M5 and M6 Walsall FC, Villa Park and St Andrews are also 30mins away.

Appearance & Entry:

Big and taunting, is the first impression, a real throw back to the old school pubs, big building surrounded by a large car park, it’s well lit and feels safe, plenty of cars here.

On walking in we notice the dining area is at the back of the building, the bar has a few in, and the atmosphere feels very chilled out in that particular room, we go to the dining area, and it has  got a few in and once again feels friendly enough.

Walking In & Bar:

The dining area is quite large, as is the pub though, the size of the rooms will mean it’s not the easiest place to fill, and create an atmosphere, but that said we feel at home and looks are deceiving as there is a few in just not sitting apart.

The bar has all the drinks we could ask for really, the spirits selection is good and the draught beer is fresh and crisp, a great pint, I may stay for a few.

It Begins:

We order our food, the menu is a decent size and not overly stacked full of dishes, we are told the food will be ready in 30 minutes, which is surprising as the kitchen does not seem in much of a rush. I do like to see the kitchen and we could clearly see the kitchen on display, which is always reassuring when eating out.

The food arrives after 30mins, which we can’t knock as that’s what they said.

The sizzler sizzles and smokes, that’s a good sign, the onions look fresh and dry yet are slowly being marinated by the juices from the food above, good start this.


Chicken Tikka: These look stunning, the colour the size and certainly looking the part, they are cooked well and with a crispiness from the charcoal grilling these are ticking boxes, the spice is good and the flavours are really prominent and make these special.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Having been to tikka heaven, these were a huge let down, juicy yes, but lacking in flavour; these were not the best and they seem to be a part of the sizzler because every other desi pub offers them, unfortunately we left them.

Wings:  Slightly skinny but don’t let that fool you, like the tikka these are cooked well and spiced just right, these are impressive, real flavours and well marinated.

Lamb Chops: These are cooked well, and meaty, very little fat, the flavours come through well and though not stand out, these are impressive.

Now to check out the Curries:

Having asked for our dishes to be removed twice, we finally get to our curries, the staff member in the dining area is deffo not on any bonus scheme.

Chicken Curry:  The chicken curry dish, like all the chicken we have had tonight was really good, cooked well, great flavouring in the sauce and the plenty of meat, well done Yew!

Lamb Curry: This is as good as the Chicken curry, well cooked, hot, spicy and full of flavour.


The Yew tree is a place that has been on the list to visit for a long time, and we are glad we came, an old school pub, which makes you feel welcome, the atmosphere was friendly and though it did not seem busy, the place is large and on reflection the numbers inside were decent.

The Sheesh kebab and the one paced nature of the staff were the downsides of the visit, when someone can see that space is at a premium, just collect the dishes, and the lamb sheesh needs to be revisited.

The plus side was the curries and the chicken on the sizzler, they were of a very very high order, the flavours in the curry were brilliant and we actually took some away. The tikka and wings were great, really hit the mark.

The draught was of a very very high order, the lines seemed well maintained and the lager had a real fresh crisp taste.

No sport on when we went, so we are not sure how the Yew Tree is on a busy night, but on this visit we had a good night.


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