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Location: The Wyvern Restaraunt and Sports Bar is situated on Kerrysdale Avenue (le4). Melton Rd is the nearest point of interest and is not to far away. The M1 junction is approx 30 minutes away and Leicester City Football Club is approximately 20 minutes drive away.

Appearance: The Wyvern is a uniquely shaped building, almost like a half a kiln that then turns into a bar, some real character about this place, and if you have not been before the building does lure you in as you are intrigued to see what is inside.

Once inside, well it is very different to the “Ye Olde” feeling of the outside of the building, we have a bar and restaurant and the place is very bright. TV’s like every desi bar are plentiful and sporting canvasses are across all the walls, it feels welcoming, and the place does have a few in, but it is not what we deem to be busy.

Drinks and Ordering: The bar is extremely well stacked, some great selections of spirits, and if you love Gin and Vodka well then, you are catered for extremely well, a great selection on offer. The draughts on offer are also impressive, the pint seems decent, though, please lets get the glass right!

We order our food and the staff are extremely friendly as they talk us through the various options and then help us to get seated, we are informed our food could be up to 30 minutes, and after 25 minutes we have our food.

One thing that has impressed us here has been the passion that the staff have shown when talking about the food and the recent upgrade of the building, if the food is as good we should be in for a treat.


The tikka, this was a good start good size chunks and a marinated well, the flavours were good and the chilli was just about right, just lacked a bit of magic for us though.

The wings, marinated well, tasty and well cooked, but the actual amount of meat on the wings was disappointing, what we had was good, just not enough.

The kebab, this was good but lacked a spark, the elements were all there, the combination just missed the spit though.

Lamb chops, we added some of these to the grill, and we are glad we did, these are the best thing on the grill, fresh, cooked well, not much fat on them and the meat does just fall off easily.

Tandoori Chicken, this was impressive, great flavours and a real nice spice kick.


This Wyvern is like many places in Leicester, the onus seems to be more on the curry than the grill, and that has become very evident on our journeys through the city.

The curries here at the Wyvern were impressive, the chicken curry and the lamb curry really did hit the mark, cooked well, spiced well and the sauce and meat ratio was bang on. The lamb curry was the winner out of the two with the lamb cooked really well and the spices in the sauce set it apart from the chicken curry.


The Wyvern Restaraunt and Sports Bar is a family friendly venue that you can relax in, a nice chilled out vibe, and if it is the family you wish to take out then this place is not bad at all, lots of seating and very clean.

If it is a lads pub/bar you are after then well, they may have sport on, but mind your language as it seems very family orientated.

The grill was good, but overall just lacked that something to make it special, a solid effort with the Lamb chops being the stand out items on the mixed grill.

The curries, done well, like we said Leicester pubs/bars really can do curries, and this is no exception. The curries were the stand out from the whole trip.

In conclusion, if it is a family friendly environment that you like to go to with sport at, then the Wyvern deserves a chance, it has lots going for it, and will tick the boxes, if it is a lads night out!  Naaahh not this time.

Check out how the Wyvern performs in the Leicester and National league tables here 


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