Desi Season To Be Merry! The Wedding Season Bangers Guide by DJ Harv Kudos, Learn Them, Mime Them, BE THE STAR


We are in June, Oh my days! June, we still remember New Years Eve, well the build up anyway. So June leads into July and you know what that means, the wedding season. It is the season to be desi merry as they say! The pent that fitted in June will no longer fit come September and your partners refusal to wear the same suit to any two occasions will seriously deflate your bank balance, but you love her so its fine (men are such push overs).

Anyway, as we stated it is the season to be desi merry, so we went to see our boy DJ Harv , from Kudos to see what tunes have been popping at weddings during 2018. Why? You may ask; Look,you do not want to be left asking “What is this?” when the party is starting! Be cool and hip like Harv (he made us write that) and get these tunes locked off, over to you Mr Harv Kudos!

DJ Harv: With my market being predominately Punjabi and from the Midlands, the requests I receive may differ from the other UK Wedding DJ’s, so other songs are available, as the BBC say.

Let us take it from the top………….

Entrance Song

Jatti – Harjit Harman
Usually we’d go for an upbeat English track for an entrance but a firm Punjabi favourite happens to be this with a couple of dholi’s playing along to add some ‘feelinga’ a great entrance track.

1st Dance Song

Jinne Saah – Ninja
I’ve had this song in my library for almost a year now, Ninja is a phenomenal singer and one of my favourites. From the film ‘Channa Mereya’ this ballad is perfect for your Punjabi first dance.

Wedding cake song

Kangani – Rajvir Jawanda
Rajvir Jawanda has followed up with “Sardaari” and “Ban” but the track that put him on the map for the moderate listener was Kangani. A beautiful track for an important part of the wedding reception, the cake cut.

Most requested song by girls

Candlelight – G Sidhu.
A massive dancefloor hit and will continue to do the business this year too. G Sidhu is winning the hearts of the ladies from Mankirt and Diljit at the moment and rightfully so!

Most requested song by guys

So High – Sidhu Moosewala. Everyone has heard his name, it’s an unlikely wedding banger but I remember playing it in August last year, two days after it came out and it went off. Since then, it’s always played in the second half of the party when the peg’s have sunk in and everyone is literally flying on the dancefloor.

Most requested song as the last song:

Hostel – Sharry Maan
Most people are probably expecting me to say Sajana Ve Sajana or Yeh Dosti but most people can barely string a sentence together by the end of the party. It’s one of the most popular songs of the night and I will only play it twice (ok maybe three times). This always ends the night on a high and people will respect the decision to play a banger before the coach leaves.

The song that highlights bad dancers

Stop please,  it is not your wedding, pleaseeeeeeee!!!

Bad Dancing or what I call off beat dancing is somewhat of a common occurrence. With the universities having bhangra teams there is always a bunch of girls and guys practicing their perfect routines (cringe) however I find anyone trying to do bhangra to english song is about top level cringe as it gets. It just ain’t funny or attractive!

Man’s in the pind mocking the  “chu got that English song from London” crowd

DJ Harv’s favourite

Jatt 24 Carat – Harjit Harman
Seriously this track makes me so happy. I’ll even play it at a Gujarati function. Defo my Jam and from one of my favourite vocalists!


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