Desi Shops Taking Advantage Of The Desi Shoppers During Coronavirus


Every day we wake up to images of queues at shopping malls as people stock up on food during the coronavirus health scare. These queues have led to fights and people acting in ways they would not normally act. The Government has issued advice that there is no need to panic buy but that has not stopped people shopping like it is the end of the world. Unfortunately, at times like this, we also are reminded that some people are just chasing profits.

It seems like our very own desi shop owners are looking to cash in on this panic buying by raising prices to ridiculous levels, even though the govt has warned them not to do so. The community Facebook page Soho Road has started to name local shops who are looking to profit from their own loyal customer base.

Munir Ahmed Khan stated –  Awan Cash & Carry Bham which is Ironically owned by CEO of Asian Business Association is charging this much for toilet rolls 

Awan Cash And Carry

An Unnamed Store In Sparkbrook Birmingham

Reports from shoppers in Birmingham have stated that chillies are now being sold at £20 a kilo. It is not just food that has seen an increase in prices at local stores. All-day items such as bleach, hand sanitizers, toilet roll, pasta and canned food have all seen dramatic rises in prices.

If you are aware of any desi shops and can provide photo evidence then please forward us the details and we can ensure that people are warned about those rogue desi shops looking to profit at a time like this! Contact us on

People are being urged to inform trading standards if they feel the price increases are overly inflated. The sad thing is that the small minority of shops doing this will take away from the good things others in our communities are doing.

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