Desi Social Media In Meltdown As Hardeep Kohli Enters Celebrity Big Brother 2018i


A quite Thursday night erupted on desi social media, when news broke that Hardeep Singh Kohli would be entering the celebrity big brother house. Kohli has had a fraught relationship with Sikhs for some time, Kohli has stated that he is not Sikh at all, admits to sexually harassing his ex -wife and was also suspended from the BBC for 6 months after ‘stepping over mark’ with a researcher.

Which One Is More Plastic

So the reaction to him entering the big brother house was not surprising at all…. and have people played directly into the hands of Channel 5?


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  1. Doesn’t look great does it…
    1) Walking about nanga with a giant tiddy all over the place. Cooking the food whilst standing nanga, its fine in your own house but on TV you should be aware of trying to portray a decent clean image since you are representing a whole group of people. You want to gain respect and of course kick start your career. Should wear a decent t-shirt or bhanan. Dress sense creates an impression.

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