Desi Things That Could Happen At The Royal Wedding – Odds Provided by Padmar Power


As you are all aware we as a nation (and that includes team @RealDesPardes) are in the grip of  royal wedding fever. We have not seen so much bunting since Pala from West Brom married his gori friend from the Nisa, what a night that was at the Night Inn.
So we at Daily Ent. Xpress teamed up with Desi bookmakers “Padmar Power” to give you some insights into events that could take place at the royal wedding and how rich they could make you! Get those betting slips ready, this stuff is gold.

The sas will be on it, the husband is not going to be at the event and rumour has it, the Holiday Inn has provided a free mini bar, the Sas will be wild and care free, the chances of these scenes happening, well lets say 5/1 ON

Prince Phillip is known to be a bit of a party animal, and we know he rates Indian electricians, so we can see him getting up early, totally smashed from his session in the car park, and getting the party started as his is ending, odds 10/1, 1000/1 – with a duppata

Underage drinking? Now the Royals love a session and Harry loves a good sesh so the likelyhood is that he has shown his nephes how to drink, maybe not this kids class, but we think underage drinking is a good bet at Even Money

Now this is the curve ball, we know the security will be heavy, and rumour is a crack team from the Punjab Police Force have been flown in to ensure peace is kept, but, we are aware that the wedding guests have access to a free mini bar, so the odds of the Punjabi Force getting on it, 15/1 ON

Will Harry’s pent lose it’s way? Not likely, but we also thought we would never see this happen, 100/1

A beer Jago? You know what, we are not sure about this, as they seem more pale ale drinkers, so the odds we are offering are a staggering 500/1

And this is the best bet of the day! odds of 5/1 being offered here, Meghan’s mameh are on edge as they know the dad is not at the event, so one wrong word from Harry or a drunk Prince Charles in the DJ booth and it’s on baby! Dishoom dishoom


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