Desi Wedding Fails/Guide Part 2 By @RealDesPardes !! Funny Shiz


Every year we get people asking us for advice on how to plan the perfect desi wedding, and our advice of only taking one coach of men to the wedding, and no women always falls on deaf ears, so here are some gems of advice from ourselves to you, and remember we are available to plan that big day for you, fee is negotiable. Follow us on twitter @RealDesPardes, as Daily Ent. Xpress do not pay us for these articles. (Check out article one here)

Pick a responsible driver, no one needs a speedy Makhan on the big day, calm and collected Kuldeep is better

Keep an eye on the desi elders, one glassy and all inhibitions go out the window! Jawani Still Strong

Inviting the non desi friends? But teach them the Bhangra please!

Keep an eye on the prize, do not trust those who you may not know

Also, keep kids out the way of the vicious aunty Ji, who is on her collecting round!

Whilst the bride is loving her wedding day, just think about what she did back in the pind to her first love!


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