Desi Wedding Fails/Guide Part 3 By @RealDesPardes !! Funny Shiz


Two bank holidays in May mean only one thing for Apneh, weddings. No matter how many wedding’s we attend, we always need some kind of advice as to, how best to get through the reception when alcohol is involved. The boys at @realdespardes have once again provided you with some “Do Not’s” for the wedding season, please note, we can only offer advice the rest is up to you.

Look out for the table of drinkers from Punjab, it might be the only table at the wedding with spare seats, but, please remember, events will only spiral out of control from here, Pala ne mandah 

OK, you sat on the wrong table, the whiskey is pumping through your veins, and the dance wali is here. What could go wrong, man is full of pomp and whiskey, lehlo dance!

The dance wali was not the best anyway, so after more whiskey, who else can you dance with? Ahh the saali is always good for a dance 

The saali was not impressed, you got dance moves to show off, and you are not going home unless you have had a good dance off, oh you spot a pindu, oi makhan, aja move mav mar lah


Fcuk it, You have upset the lot, but before you get back in the car, (your partner has requested you to join her in the car 55 times now), let me say a goodbye to Pala table wala, one for the road on the car park is the one

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