Desi Wedding Fails/Guide Part 4 By @RealDesPardes !! Funny Shiz


Well that is one Bank Holiday out of the way in May, but we as apneh have no chill, the wedding season is in full flow, and people are still making basic errors. The boys at @realdespardes have once again provided you with some “Do not’s” for the wedding season via Daily Ent. Xpress, please note, we can only offer advice the rest is up to you. Today we look at the dance floor and here are some lessons for those accompanying lads to weddings!

Do not mess with our elders, they can be protective over what they deem to be theirs! So if you are going to try and muscle in, DON’T ! APNEH HOLD THEIR GROUND

Now that we have successfully defended our turf, realize we will dance anywhere, who gives a shit if no one else is up, no one stopping us, watch until the end as there is one thing that stops! THE GLASSY CALL

Having thrown shapes all over the venue, you will attract the attention of the ladies at the wedding, just a word of caution, BE PICKY 

Yes, now having picked the lady you wish to dance with, you can not go wrong, go to the extremes, YES DANCE TO SOME KOREAN TUNES, TAKE THE GLORY AWAY FROM THE KIDS TRYING TO GET FILMED

We’re in the zone now, give me some Ice Ice Bay, MAN IS HOT!!

Caution: Drinking and dancing is all well and good, but please be wary, you will upset a few so do not be surprised if these are the scenes when you walk out the venue

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