Desi Wedding Fails/Guide Part 5 By @RealDesPardes !! Hints For The Ladies


We as @RealDesPardes are getting so many weeding planning bookings it is unreal, I think the guys at Daily Ent Xpress are actually getting jealous, but anyway, we digress, we have handed out so many tips for guys in previous posts ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4), that we feel the ladies are showing signs of envy, so here you go ladies, so hints and tips from the squad, any hate fire it at Daily Ent. Xpress, we have left the building.

No excuses lady, if they can stay fit in the Pind, then do not give us guys that “Got no time for the gym, as I’m cleaning up after you” LIES!!
Lehlo Gym Apni Pind De

Now, some of us men need to understand how you expect us to dance, otherwise we go off to that famous drinking table we mentioned previously, so make sure you spend time together getting those moves “Set”

So the man has gone over onto the drinkers table, time to wow him back
Blue Pill Boliyan 

His still on that drinking table, I’ll make you want me more she says
Leh eh Ke Ah, Sali Jealous Khar tha

Bas Khar, Bas Khar 

After All Said And Done – Janani’s Still Be Crazy

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