Desi World Cup Round Up Matchday 1 – With Dev & Asif (But Asif Is Off For Eid So Just Dev)


Introduction:  My Name is Dev, I’m simple bandah, with stupid kids, they like football and I like my job. They going crazy about the world cup, so every night i miss my PTC news idiots, how do I ring sada doost Tara in the pind to talk kaas kal, when I know none! Cus they got the football on!

So, i ring my good friend J skilled, and i said, stop whats app’in me the shit yaar, or let me do the world cup match reports, he said no, so i just ring his dad and say check his phone, sala Real Des Pardes group band khar do. J skilled rang me back, scared, and here is my fist round up of day 1! And if you think you knocking my grammer, I be knocking your front door alright, saleh, lehlo par report. Tomorrow I have Asif with me, neighbour, I borrow his internet, but he is celebrating Eid today, so I have full WIFI.

Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0 

Pure ghand, both team shit, I watch it because I have too, bloody kids all going on sala Robin Willimas, bandeh is from Stoke. He got more grey hair than citizen khan (happy eid mate).

SA were not good, but they got all that money and still can not bribe the bandah at FIFA, or did he bribe them, sooch la…………

Yaar & Yaaran’s (modern man) nothing else to say,Russia win easy, game was ghand and, I got to watch PTC news, but, saleh, I missed  Come Dine With Me, I mean ehna Russia pyara hou ke ah.

Any subject you want me to cover during the round up let me know, I am here for you! And Asif, when he return from enterprise after dropping car off.

My World Cup match day report song of the day for you Putin Ji 


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