#DesiGrills Man v Grills – Can You Beat These Desi Pubs Challenges?


Adam Richman, remember him? Well, we used to love him going around the States and taking on various food challenges sometimes successfully and sometimes crying off due to spice.

Well it seems like Adam Richmand has inspired Desi Pubs in Wolverhampton to offer their own take on the Man v Food challenges, and trust me some of these are absolute beasts.

Parkfiled CentralMan v Grill – Difficulty level (out of 10) 8
Think we know a few lads who pack this beast away, the hardest thing would be the 30 mins time restriction, who wants some?
The Rules
1 person challenge 30 minutes to finish it all. Finish it all and it’s on the house plus you get a good challenge T-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame!!!
T&Cs will apply.

Parkfield Central food challenge arriving shortly.
1x Large Mixed Grill
1x Lamb Curry
1x Chips
1x Plain Naan
1x Tandoori Roti

Jacks Cafe & Bar Mans v Grill – Difficulty level 9, A tag team event

Could you and your mate gobble down 143oz of meat, 2 naans, and 1 large chips, this is a beast, and picking the right friend is vital, the sheer amount of meat is scary, 143oz!

Check the video out what 143oz of meat looks like, and if you fail, you will be named and shamed!

If you fancy taking part in Jack’s Cafe & Bar, Mans v Grills challenge you will have to pre-book via 01902 870 781 – This looks like a beast and as of yet no one has successfully tackled the challenge.

The Bruford Arms – Man v Grills (The Bruford offers two challenges)

Challenge 1 – Wings – All the details are in the picture, we give this an 8 out of 10, this is all about speed, so those who can digest food quick and have nimble fingers, go call the Bruford Arms

Challenge 2 – The Maharaja Grill, this gets a solid 9 out of 10 for us, you need speed, nimble fingers and the ability to digest bread and potatoes at a break neck speed without getting the meat sweats! Are you game enough?

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