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The Crow in The Oak is on Lockhurst Lane, Coventry, its a mere 7/8 minute drive from the M6 Junction 4, and only 5 minutes drive from The Ricoh arena home to Coventry City and Wasps Rugby Union Team.

Appearance & Entry:

From outside The Crow, looks clean and welcoming, a large car park is available, which is helpful as we are surrounded by double yellows on the main rd.

Once we walk in we go straight to the bar as that is immediately visible, the place is fairly busy and the football is on, even though it is loud, we do feel welcome straight away.


Not sure what the prices are in and around Coventry, the draught larger’s range from £3.20 – £4.50 and the doubles start at £3.50, which isn’t bad. The selection is varied, yet not the biggest we have seen, but nothing to moan about.


We are served promptly then are told where to go order our food, we are not the only ones dining so expectations are raised.

The Crows menu is more like a restaurant menu, we order our Sizzler and we are asked if we want lamb tikka or chops? Interesting, first time we have been asked what we want on it, we stick to Lamb Chops as we are doing it for the cause.

We order then go grab a seat, the tables are clean as is the dining room/bar area as a whole.


We have had a large amount of requests to try The Crow, well now we find out if those people liked us or not!!

We are informed that our food will bee in 25 minutes, which is not bad as they are busy, as we stated earlier the football is on so the time will fly by, 40 mins later the food arrives after having to ask once again how long it will be.

Mixed Grill: We have onions sizzling and plentiful and for the price this is huge, be aware its large!

Chicken Tikka: The Chicken Tikka chunks are large, and plentiful, they are spicy and cooked well, other than the spice kick, there is very little else you actually taste.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  The Kebab is the least in quantity on the grill, yet it is cooked well, it tastes good and the spice is just right, not enough of this though.

Wings: These like the tikka chunks are far to spicy and lack flavour, I like spice and these are too for me, a spice kick and not a flavour kick from these unfortunately.

Lamb Chops: Fatty and burnt, tasting burnt food is not something that floats my boat sorry.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Tikka Masala: This is very tasty, the sauce around the curry adds flavour to the tikka pieces and its impressive, the sauce is not too thick and satisfies my burnt taste buds.

Lamb Curry: The lamb dish is too spicy, the meat to ratio to sauce ratio is disappointing, it feels like the cost of lamb may be an issue here, as its sparse both in the sizzler and in the curry.


The Crow is clean, the car park is good, and the atmosphere when we went was all very good, and we thought we was onto a winner.

Having to go and ask again for our food was an issue, and the attitude of the staff did change when we questioned the delay.

Tables were clean,  and the staff were always around to keep them tidy, that is a plus. Prices of the food and drinks are realistic,again this is a good thing.

The Lamb dish was way too spicy, the chops were not impressive and the chilli levels were way to high.

For the above reasons we score The Crow in The Oak is  6.1/10


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