Dhami Amarjit Talks ‘Back In The Dayz’ (Full Album Inc.) & ‘Bande Khaani’ By Ashok Prince


The album ‘Back In The Dayz’ is out now across all digital platforms, and you have to say the album is damn impressive musically. Kru172 have featured Ashok Prince on the album and the song ‘Bande Khaani’ no surprise with that he is a great singer, but the lyrical magic on the song is via the UK’s very own Dhami Amarjit, respect!

Kru172: We loved the Ashok Prince album and when we heard that Dhami was UK born and raised we were quite shocked, his lyrics blew us away, for someone not born and raised in Punjab to deliver lyrics like this really surprised us, we wanted him on the album. Kind of a role reversal, a UK sound from India, with a Punjabi song writer from the UK.

We caught up with Dhami and asked how did this come about;

If I’m honest, I first heard of Kru172 when they started following on social media. The boys were (and are) quite vocal fans of Tru-Skool and also showed maaaad love to my lyrics and projects that I was working on. We used to talk on Facebook and keep in touch and as time went on I became aware that they were into Panjabi rap.

I’m not into Panjabi rappers but I have to say that these two are very good at their craft. A lot of other Panjabi rappers sound weak and gimmicky however these two understand the Hip-Hop vibes.

I remember one day I was speaking with the boys and randomly I came up with a freestyle rap (for a laugh) and recorded it into Facebook messenger – Nav and Lucky extracted it from there and put a beat on it haha! When I went Panjab in October 2018 we met up and just kicked it for a few hours and when I got back they asked if I could write a track for their upcoming project I said let’s do it!

As a UK born song writer to be given props from India based artists must mean so much to you and what you are doing;

 For me as a Lyricist/Songwriter, whenever anybody shows me love for my work it’s appreciated! I’ve been blessed to receive appreciation from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc but when people from Panjab (where it all started) show love; that’s just surreal. I receive a lot of messages from Panjab and some even from artists who want to work from Panjab which is amazing as there is so much talent there. This inspires me to improve and work even harder to become a stronger songwriter.

Finally talk us through ‘Bande Khani’ the track and why Ashok Prince

The track that features on Kru 172’s new album is called ‘Bandekhaani’. This is a track I wrote years ago; I wrote the chorus and first verse however didn’t complete the rest of the track.

I showed it to a few singers and it had a lot of interest but nothing was finalised. When Kru172 contacted me, I said I have this track and they loved it. When I showed Ashok he just went crazy and said watch how I sing this. He sent a clip through WhatsApp and he sounded ferocious!

When I heard the track after it was finalised, I loved it. Everything just sounds so sick – it’s Desi yet has a modern flavour. I’m really impressed with the production skills of Kru 172. This is going to be the first of many collaborations between Kru172 and Dhami Amarjit, believe that!

I just want to thank Daily Ent Express for showing mad support whenever I release and for delivering phat desi content. Keep it up!

Props to Dhami for taking the time to talk to us, and not only that but providing the lyrics to such a heavy tune! Nai Reesa

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