Dharmindar Singh Refused To Let Couple Leave His Cab


Dharmindar Singh won’t be picking up any passengers after Glasgow Council took his license away. The taxi driver has been suspended after he switched off his meter and refused to let a couple leave his car in Glasgow.

Dharmindar Singh picked up the couple from Central Station and was due to take them to Bellahouston Park for the Summer Sessions in August 2019. Singh told the pair that the journey would cost a flat rate of £25 and that it would be more expensive to turn on the meter.

Mr Singh claimed there was a “misunderstanding” on the location and said he did not charge for his mistake. The passengers asked the driver if the meter could be switched on but he refused.

When they arrived at the park – less than four miles away from the station – Mr Singh locked the doors until the £25 rate was paid.

The customers wrote to Glasgow City Council’s enforcement officers to say that they felt they had been taken advantage of because they were not local to the area.

Mr Singh also wrote a letter to officers saying there was confusion over the destination and that he had taken his passengers to Braehead Arena by mistake.

The city council’s licensing and regulatory committee met on Thursday to discuss Mr Singh’s case.

Members raised concerns that there was no mention of the mix-up in the original complaint.

It was also brought to their attention that he was previously suspended for overcrowding in his vehicle and overcharging.

Mr Singh’s representative Mr Gordon said: “My client feels like he was in the right. Despite being previously suspended he has been a taxi driver for 15 years.”

Councillor Alex Wilson said: “The two areas sound nothing alike. Most taxi drivers will know about the Summer Sessions that happen in the Southside of Glasgow in August every year.

“My main concern is that the driver turned off his meter. This should never happen.”

Following the discussion, members agreed to suspend the licence for four months.

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