Dhiyan Di Lohri A Celebration To Change Mindsets


Mindsets are changing, but not as fast some may have hoped, but events like “Dhiyan Di Lohri” are changing perceptions. Villagers of Dadu Majra celebrated “Dhiyan Di Lohri” in a unique way at Dronacharya Stadium in Chandigarh today.

Up to 21 married girls belonging to the village were specially called to their parents’ home and honoured along with 15 newborn girls.  Cultural activities were also organised. A play was also staged highlighting the importance of girls’ education throughout Punjab and India.

“Highlighting that in the past, villagers only used to send boys to schools or colleges, the play stressed the need for treating boys and girls equally when it comes to education,” said Diljit Saini, one of the “sevadars”.

The event was all about sending a message that the birth of a girl needs to be celebrated. They are equals and driving home this message was vital. Boys sang songs on the occasion. “Hoya ki jeh dhi jamgi, kokh tah salahkni hoyi” of Punjabi singer Kuldeep Manak struck a chord. Check out the popular song here sang by the great man himself before his sad passing.

Women and young girls performed giddha. Amarjit Singh of Guru Gobind Sports Club was the main organiser.

“We feel honoured that the importance of girls has been showcased and celebrated,” said one of the girls.

“Families have been celebrating Lohri separately. An attempt was made to unite them through this event. They were educated about female foeticide. Songs related to girl education were also sung,” said villagers.

“Boys earlier used to seek Lohri from houses. Now, we are also involving girls in the celebrations. We are not only spreading the message that girls are also part of it, but also giving a message on the value of girls,” said Saini.

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