Did UK Bhangra Impose Quality Control? Is North America Following?


During the early 2000’s the UK music scene was churning music out day after day, week after week, and let’s be honest we had more bad than we had good. Social media was taking off around this time and people were airing opinions that had not been aired previously.

We had a few fan sites where you could go and air opinions, such as Barfi Culture and Punjab 2000, but even they were not the most constructive of avenues to talk and discuss music, especially as half the people talking on those sites were artists dressed up as someone else.

People were talking, and social media was buzzing. One point of interest which was a prominent topic raised for discussion was “Quality Control” people wanted music and videos to have some form of quality control, as it seemed every kid got a studio set up for their Christmas present and felt that they had a voice that they wanted the world to here.

Often people would point the finger at Britasia TV, to Improve quality of music

“Quality Control” this is music, and such things cannot be controlled, and neither should they, no one ever goes into a studio and produces music that they think is bad, no song is shit to all, somewhere in the world someone will love that track, so no way was we ever going to impose any sort of quality control.

People who were followers of the desi music scene in the UK, well they just got tired of the scene churning out of weak music, and started becoming extremely picky of what they decided to buy and listen too, the consumer imposed a self styled music control, and the impact has-been extremely important and has progressed the scene globally rather than just inwardly.

Burban, Music, a few attempted to impose it on the masses, who choose to ignore it

Now, when I mention consumer, I am talking about you the reader if you are from the UK, see if this rings true. You started to be picky about what you wanted to hear, and all this back slapping from within the industry was now as clear to see through as the windscreen in your car, social media helped you source and listen to music before you purchased it, and you kept yourself abreast of those artists that you wanted to hear and you filtered the rest. You showed loyalty to quality and pissed on quantity, which was the best thing that could have happened.

A perfect example of less is more

So let us skip forward to the present day, let us look at the scene, less releases yet a lot more quality per release than ever before, some artists who made let’s say middle of the road success in previous years, have made comebacks and been spat out, simply because the quality is not there and neither is the appetite for a sub-par artist, who let’s say got lucky previously because of the “we will support anything” crowd.

Leading the way in 2018 for new vocalists

The UK has a sound that has traveled, and is still in demand, UK producers like Tru-Skool Dr Zeus, Aman Hayer, Sukhsinder Shinda, Kaos, Surinder Rattan and Manni Sandhu to name a few are in demand from artist everywhere, why? Because they only release quality.

Quality over quantity

Even new artists such as Gurj Sidhu who has worked with a whole host of producers is making waves as new British singer, Jaz Dhami is also still making waves, JK is on the verge of bigger things than ever and is playing bigger and more important events. Jassi Sidhu still carries a torch for the UK game, these artists all stayed the course of time (Gurj Sidhu being new, understood quality mattered) and the quality control that was unknowingly imposed on a scene that thought it was beyond it.

Ever changing producer, who never looks at anything other than quality

Does the UK release less? Yes. Does it produce more quality than before? 1000% it does. The weak have been removed and only those who produced quality then are producing quality today! Any new kids stepping up into the scene, understand this, the UK is the hardest to break and it is not quantity that will do it! If you make it work here, you make noise everywhere! – Article by J-Skillz

A look at why North America is slowly following the what has happened in the UK, and also why India will always be different and will never change.

North America:

Has the lowest % of buyers of desi music (digitally) across the world, streaming is the preferred choice with Youtube being the preferred option. Canada has an ever growing desi market and one thing that has become extremely obvious over the last 1 year or so is the listening habits of the music fan, they will pick and choose.  Even if a preferred producer is releasing a track each week, they will only support the ones they deem to be worthy, and not blindly support because it is North American, this is becoming apparent in views and streams, like we said sales form a very small % of revenue, but even that reflects this habit. So is Canada also doing the same thing that has become apparent in the UK?



This is totally a different beast, one that will use other markets to benefit itself, India is our mainstream, and if you mention quality control here, then I’m sorry it just will not work. Ever since music distribution began India has released unreal amounts of music, whether that be albums or singles, the market is that big and vast. India/Punjab know they have the population to throw out releases and see if they hit. What India does do well, is use International artists, and then filter out the good and bad, a good lad from home is always better supported in India, than a good lad from abroad. 



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