Dignity Nesdi Jones Juss Musik – Latest Punjabi Song 2020


Nesdi Jones, the lady who shot to the dizzy heights of the Punjabi music scene with her song London. Honey Singh and Money Aujla were hot property then and London saw them introduce the global Punjabi scene to Nesdi Jones. The Welsh lady is now back with her new release Dignity which has music by Juss Musik.

Today’s music scene is an unforgiving place. Stand still and it does not wait for you. Nesdi Jones is re-introducing herself to many new music fans. Those who have not heard her previous work will hear the smash-hit London and think ‘oh that Nesdi’. Yes, it has been a while.

Dignity is a song that looks to re-introduce the Welsh singer back to the mindset of music heads. Music fans have a shorter attention span than ever today and triggering memories is vital for returning artists.

It may have been a few years but the vocals in English and Punjabi are still as vibrant and distinct as ever. Music for Dignity has been provided by Juss Music and he has provided a solid instrumental for Nesdi Jones to flow on. The scene may have moved on and Nesdi may well be playing catch up with new music fans, but her unique ability gives her an “in” that others simply do not have

Check out Dignity by Nesdi Jones, let’s hope this is the start of a busy music year for the talented singer.

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