Diljit Dosanjh G.O.A.T or Not ? You Cant Take This Away From Him


Diljit Dosanjh has dropped the first track from his forthcoming G.O.A.T album. The hype surrounding the album has been a flashback to the good old album era. Expect that hype to turn into much more of a frenzy when the album drops in the next few days!

As soon as the new single was released today many people across social media were all too quick to jump on the G.O.A.T tag. Some asked why he dared to call himself G.O.A.T whilst others defended his use of the term. If you are millennial and into Punjabi music then Diljit Dosanjh has certainly proved to be THE biggest name on the scene over the last decade and more.

Yo Yo Honey Singh burst on the scene over a decade ago – Diljit Dosanjh was very much a part of the explosion. Huge songs like Lak 28 and Goliyan certainly took Diljit from being just a Punjabi singer from Punjab to an India wide star.

Back to Basics alongside Tru-Skool was an album that cemented Diljit’s rise with young Punjabis outside of India. The album banged and still sounds fresh today.

Confidential was an album that broke records across the globe. Not just for a Punjabi artist but for any Indian artist. It charted top 10 in over 14 countries. It stayed at number 1 in the India charts for over 5 months and Diljit had just grown his reach tenfold!

Punjabi Cinemas recent big movies have all starred Diljit Dosanjh. His box office returns have ensured the Diljit Brand is pretty much all you need for a hit Punjabi movie.

Bollywood – Diljit has not only taken Punjabi cinema by storm but also made a huge mark in Bollywood. Diljit has at all times defended his Pag and his stature as a Sardar when in Bollywood. Diljit has made strides to ensure that Sardars are not just used for comedy value by Bollywood.

Sell Out shows – Diljit over the last decade has sold out venues across the globe. He has toured on a regular basis and with his consistent releases, his live shows have always been worth going to. The level of lighting and effects seen at his last shows certainly raised the bar for all travelling artists and their shows!

We could go on!!

Fashion, Madam Tussauds the list is long. Does anyone have the right to call themselves the G.O.A.T in any field? That is a different question, one thing you cannot disagree with is that Diljit Dosanjh may not be some peoples G.O.A.T but he is certainly in the mix with Punjabi music royalty! That ladies and gentlemen is without a doubt!

Check out the title song from the Diljit Dosanjh G.O.A.T album here (Lyrics by Karan Aujla and Music by G-Funk)

Check out Diljit Dosanjh talking about his Turban here:

*Interview* Diljit Dosanjh – “I would be okay to give up films, but not my turban”


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