Diljit Dosanjh – “I’m not doing it for the money. We can’t make money from songs”


Diljit Dosanjh has had a very busy couple of weeks and after a recent interview it does not look like he is about to slow down. Hot of the heels of his recent release Kylie + Kareena, Diljit Dosanjh has confirmed he is working on more Punjabi folk songs with one set to be released in the next month or so.

Diljit Dosanjh was talking about all things musical recently  and was asked if he saw himself as a Bollywood singer or a Punjabi artist?

“I’m not a Bollywood [singer]. I don’t do playback. I make songs for Punjab. I’m a folk singer, and my fans in Punjab/UK and Canada enjoy that,” 

Diljit went on to say that due to the language barrier his more traditional Punjabi songs sometimes get overlooked by the masses, yet they do strike a chord with the masses of Punjabi music fans.

“The typical folk songs don’t reach the media since the language cannot be easily consumed. But they are close to my heart. So, I must strike a balance. Even while this track is on now (Kylie + Kareena), I’m currently in the studio working on a folk song which will be out next month,” he said.

The latest single Kylie + Kareena was an independent release from Diljit Dosanjh, so the question had to asked if the song would return anything financially? Diljit went on to explain that it is very hard to make money from just song releases these days and that a longer game plan has to be sought.

The language barriers stop many Punjabi singles reaching a wider audiance, yet the audinaces do demand a high end product so it is a catch 22 situation for Punjabi artists like himself.

 “If you compare the earning of an Indian single with that of an international (mainstream) track, it will be 1 to a 100. Listeners of Punjabi songs are still fewer. But an Indian watching a video on the net will wonder why we can’t match international standards,” 
“I’ve released this song myself. It may take me years to earn the amount I’ve invested. But, this is my passion. I’m not doing it for the money. We can’t make money from songs,” he added.

On the film front, Diljit will next be seen alongside actors Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Kiara Advani in their forthcoming film Good News. On the music front, a Punjabi folk track in the next month or so and then a North America tour.



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