New Punjabi Song, Diljit Dosanjh -Jind Mahi, Music Manni Sandhu (Listen Here)


Jind Mahi is the new Punjabi song from Diljit Dosanjh and it see’s him pair up with UK producer Manni Sandhu, the lyrics are provided by Gurnazar. Check out the video and listen to the song below. We are not an mp3 site.

The latestPunjabi song from Diljit, Jind Mahi, is a laid back song, that see’s Diljit Dosanjh ride the instrumental like surfer on the crest of wave, his smooth and blesses the production with a great vocal.

We asked Manni Sandhu how the collaboration came about;

The song was created by myself and Gurnazar Chatta in an hour using my laptop and portable microphone. The song was sat around on my pc for ages and nothing was really going on with it. Me and my brother always thought it had a lot of potential so we sent it to Kalikwest who just happened to be with Diljit at the time. Diljit loved it and reached out straight away – next thing you know we’re in Essex shooting the video. It’s a completely different track to my previous work but the Manni Sandhu vibe is definitely still there.


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