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The new Diljit Dosanjh album is out, the album is called ROAR, and it is a straight up desi feast, no trap, no hip hop loops, just Punjabi music delivered extremely well by Jatinder Shah. The lyrics for the album ROAR are by Ranbir Singh and the release is via Diljit Dosanjhs very own label Famous Studios.

Firstly, the album in total, is less than 28 minutes long, the songs are very similar in length to the last Diljit album Con.Fi.Den.Tial, some may sigh at this, but for us it works. You end up pressing repeat on a regular basis and before you know it you have heard the album 2/3 times without realizing it.

Jatinder Shah could have easily extended each track with long music pieces, but that would have took away from the songs that are on offer. So we give all 10 tracks a spin and give you our review, before you read each one, let us be honest and say the album gets a solid 8.5/10 from us.

One of the main reasons for that score is the fact that it is just a straight up Punjabi music album, and that is something we have missed, it is a thumbs up from us. Nai Reesa Dosanjhanwala.

Song, Gulabi Pagg – We reviewed this track as soon as the video dropped this morning, let us repeat it is Diljit, Jatinder and Ranbir being clever, not over complicated and just clicking, if you like this you will enjoy the rest of the album.

Song, Fashion – We are always wary of songs with an English name on a ‘desi’ album, but any negative thoughts were soon moved aside, as soon as the desi beat kicked in, this we like very much! Weird thing is during the song Fashion we actually picture Diljit Dosanjh smiling and dancing, guess that means the song has made a mark on us.

Song, Shanewal – Jatinder Shah entices you with his vaja skills at the start of the song, from there Diljit makes it his own, Shanewal hook line is clever and easy and keeps the track bouncing along, nice tumbi and flute pieces ensure you listen the whole way through.

Song, Punjab –  This is aimed at those desi munde who love a mehfil and have an eye for the ladies, a good way to finish the album, as it gives us a good vocal from Diljit, catchy lyrics and good production, sums up the whole album.

Song, Mel Gel –  Hanji a nice duet, this took us by surprise, did not expect a duet, but either way this was a nice easy track to listen too, and continues the desi theme of the album, this song has a “filmi” feel to it, so if you like Diljit Dosanjh’s “filmi” duet style songs this may be your go to.

Song, Lottu Dil –  Dreamy, that is the best way to describe the vocal style of Diljit on this track, he grabs your hand and walks you through the whole song, really enjoyed Jatinder Shahs work on this, one of our favorites on the album, but we are a dreamy bunch.

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Song, Thug LIFE – Again, soon as we saw the title of the song we were slightly concerned, had Diljit Dosanjh gone all gangster on us? Had Jatinder Shah gone all street? Thankfully it is a big no on both fronts, don’t let the title put you off, the tune is very desi, and vocally, Diljit delivers vocally really well and on this, his wavy vocal keeps your head nodding, and once again it’s a short song, so it is a song that does easily get you pressing repeat!

Song, Raula Pey Jana –  This is again very “filmi”, but that is no surprise as the Diljit and Jatinder Shah know how to make “filmi” tracks work, and for those who liked the soundtrack to Jatt and Juliet, then this will work for you.

Song, Gal Baat – This song is very much like Gulabi Pagg, simple, clever and not over complicated.

Song, Jatti Speaker –  Well this is different, doubled up pieces and then drops back to a laid back pace highlight that this is for that giddah crowd, we are not huge on giddah so this is one that we may not visit again, but saying that come a ladies night, we will be all over it.


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