Diljit Dosanjh Talks Work Ethic & Proving Himself


Shadaa is the forthcoming film from Diljit Dosanjh and at a recent press event, Diljit spoke about the pressures of the modern entertainment scene and the need to keep proving himself each and every time he has a release.

Diljit Dosanjh has two Bollywood films lined up in addition to the forthcoming Punjabi movie Shadaa, Diljit has stated that each week he dusts himself down and sets himself a goal of proving himself a success the week after.

Diljit said, “I start my journey from zero on every Friday. We are in a profession where we are almost starting our career with every release. We actors and singers have to perform well and maintain consistency with every show, with every film. People are always interested to know about our present work and future plans, so I have to prove myself. And with success and growing opportunity, I have to maintain the regularity.”

Asked if, after 20 films across the Hindi and Punjabi movie industries is he now comfortable facing the camera, Diljit said:

“Every time, I am playing different characters. So every day is a new day. I am not easy with it like that… Every time I am doing something new, so it is the same feeling as that of a newcomer.”

Talking about his role in the new Punjabi film Shadaa (Diljit plays a wedding photographer who has crossed the ‘marriageable age):

“It was quite an interesting role for me to play. This is the first time I am playing a photographer. I have a friend who is a photographer and I spent a lot of time with him, so getting the certain body language and nuance was quite easy,” Diljit said. The film is a reflection of society and the lifestyle of youngsters today”.

As a side note whilst talking about youngsters Diljit was asked about why the majority of youth in Punjabi chose to settle down abroad? Diljit says the answer lies in unemployment.

“That is why they are moving out of Punjab to Canada, Australia and various places in Europe. Who wants to leave their family and go… It is only the job opportunity that is taking them away… Yes, it is a real issue” 

Shadaa will have a nationwide release. Diljit sees the potential for regional films across India, even though he is concerned that fewer screens will be showing it outside of Punjab:

“Of course we will not get that many numbers of screens in cities like Mumbai or Delhi, the way we have a wide release in Punjab. Having said that, we want to reach out to people… and it is only natural that regional cinema will earn better business in its own region. We are releasing this film with subtitles so that people can enjoy it. I personally prefer watching a film with subtitles rather than a dubbed version because sometimes the essence does not come across if you dub a Punjabi dialogue in Hindi”

Whether it is in his music or choice of film, Diljit has always believed in maintaining a fine balance between creative satisfaction and commercial success:

“As an artist, I would continue doing experimental work and not all the experiments have to be commercially successful. Last year, when I did ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’, the film was not commercially a superhit but it was a story worth telling,”

Diljit went on to add that he equally enjoyed shooting a rom-com like Shadaa:

“The idea is to make films so that producers can earn money and I can keep doing my experimental work side by side. I also enjoy doing such comedy, light-hearted commercial films.”

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, Shadaa also features Neeru Bajwa, and is releasing on June 21.


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